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Fark & Alpha's Robot House Accords


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Fark & Alpha Present: The Robot House Accords


Introduction: Thank you sir, may I have another?
Fark & Alpha make the following pledge

Article I: Toga, Toga!
Fark & Alpha agree that everyone from nerds to jocks to other frat boys get to come to the party. Also, sorority sisters. Especially sorority sisters

Article II: We gave our love a chicken...
Fark & Alpha agree that if something happens at said Toga party, like the police showing up we'll handle it before some hippie's guitar gets smashed.

Article III: Fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life...
Fark & Alpha agree that if we hear that the Dean plans to put either of us on Double Secret Probation, we'll tell each other.

Article IV: Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl harbor?!
Fark & Alpha agree that if the Germans or anyone else bomb us we have the right to ask the other for help.

Article V: Food Fight!
Fark & Alpha agree that if one of us starts a food fight, the other can fling some mashed potatoes, if they do so wish.

Article VI: They took the bar....the whole Farking bar!
If Fark or Alpha decide to shut down the fraternity, 72 hours notice will be given.

Signed for Fark,
rollo - Head of FA
Bozzie - Head of War
Phaik - Head of IA

Signed for Alpha,
Placentica - Driver
James II - Hybrid
Hope Solo - Iron
Greatnate - Iron


tl;dr it's an ODOAP

Edited by rollo


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Congrats Fark and Alpha!

o/ Fark

o/ Alpha

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<&Partisan> EAT THE SHIT

<blacklabel> lol @ ever caring about how much you matter in some dumbass nation simulation browser game. what a [email protected]#$in pathetic waste of life


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Awesome.  Glad to be allies with you fine folks!


Isolatar, would you hail me if I got you Lego 75025 for Christmas. :P

Edited by Placentica
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Ho Ho Ho.



Always keep your foes confused. If they are never sure who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next.
Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you.


It's like I'm reading a book and it's a book I deeply love. I'm reading it slowly now so the words are really far apart and the spaces between the words are almost infinite. I can still feel the words of the story, but it's in this endless space between the words I find myself now It's a place that's not of the physical. It's where everything else is. This is where I am now, and who I am.


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