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  1. @Alex I really hate that it the captchas had to be installed because of cheaters.
  2. @Alex I think that it would make the game even more fun if we had Orbis soccer, basketball, and hockey leagues other than just baseball.
  3. Two nations appear to be logging in at identical times. They also joined and left the Greater Unitary Republic and the Federation of Soviet Republics at very similar times. Also, Vlladimir Putin stole money from GUR's bank and included f you directed at the GUR leader on the transaction note. I'm not 100% certain that both nations are controlled by one player, but there is reasonable cause to believe that. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=234122
  4. So I went to my wars section and It said that I was being randomly screened by the anti robot thingy and it kept reloading. Please fix this asap.
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