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  1. Sorry but this is literally just Co A fluff. They have been in a position to surrender for some time now, and the forums posting proves that Co A are in no position to bargain other than melting down about how unfair it is to lose a war. If Co A's leadership were actually serious about ending this war, they would have by now.
  2. Thread reminder for Coalition A players: Your leadership is ruining your game by not surrendering.
  3. Sorry I'm just trying to reconcile this statement coming from a player with a piracy gimmick.
  4. Is Arggghhhh even relevant? I thought they were just NPC punching bags for the newbies.
  5. If only there was some way that a losing side could stop a war by, I'm not sure, maybe agreeing to some form contract which contains terms as stipulated by the winning side of a war? If only such a process existed!!
  6. How dare you view the game, Politics and War, as being comprised of both politics and war.
  7. How is the vacation mode strategy working for you?
  8. I hear it went really well for you.
  9. Well you keep posting about it so clearly something isn't getting through.
  10. I hope that these threads are cathartic for the Col A posters, because I'm not really sure whether any Col B posters would really care.
  11. What CoA is really saying is that they love this forever war! They are clearly winning so why wouldn't they want to prolong it??
  12. I'm still not convinced that this isn't just a partisan attempt to claw out any advantage after losing a major war. The fact is that certain alliance could have been orientated towards a long-term war, but weren't. This is just the outcome of having a sub-optimal war orientation, and dragging it out doesn't mean that there's something fundamentally broken with the war system.
  13. Thanks Alex, it's not easy to strike a good balance here, but I think the word filter is a great solution.
  14. I mean we are talking about the mechanics here, and none of the above posts address the fact that the mechanics are working as intended.
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