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  1. Good to see the results of some excellent diplomacy! Enjoy the well-deserved peace.
  2. Unpublish Also where's the joke?
  3. This question is primarily targeted at @Alex but I'm also interested in having a proper discussion about the implications of this particular moderating action With this war specifically been found to be in breach https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=588560 It's a well-established tactic to "sit" on an opposing nation with a blockade, and this strategy has been used to a great effect to ensure that targeted nations are not able to access key strategic resources to rebuild. It's also well known that these wars can also tend to expire rather than resulting in a beige due to a variety of strategic demands. Further, these wars can also not result in a large amount of infra/military/cash damage depending on the specific target/need. Often, the damage to the defending nation would be lower in order to conserve the blockading nations' own resources. My question to Alex is this: how can you judge a war to be slot filling based purely on infra destroyed or prolonging of the war? The wars appear to have been declared as legitimately as any other war which was found to be not in breach of the game rules, and I am concerned that this judgement may open the door for the removal of a legitimate military tactic, or at the very least increase the burden of moderation. Thanks in advance for considering this dilemma!
  4. It's a shame that a bunch of posters have come in here with their negativity, I'm looking for people to reflect on what is good about the game right now. Shame on you nay-sayers!
  5. Hey all, With all the negativity and fake news coming from certain spheres, I thought that it's sometimes really good to reflect about how much fun/how enjoyable playing this game can be sometimes. With that in mind, I'm keen to hear all your stories about how you are having fun with the current state of Orbis events or maybe some of the interesting vignettes you have. I'll start: I've found it really enjoyable to be part of an excellent group of individuals who are well-coordinated and are just all-round cool. It's been quite an experience coordinating with alliance and other OD players to meet the goals set by our leaders, and it's cool to think that we are shaping the future of Orbis with our current actions (and for the better). Cheers all!
  6. I find that wars end quicker (and are more enjoyable) when winning. The strategy your coalition has been taking is losing, which is a poor strategy for a war. Try winning more, that's what we do and it works for us.
  7. Interesting that the angry posters berating Interstellar are all from Bootsphere (i.e., not Opus Dei). Guess this supports the idea that they aren't all about the welfare of others after all...
  8. No point fighting for the wrong side. Good guys win again
  9. As per my report, I'm not concerned with the ruler name, only the nation name, but if we are all fine with "Meat Curtains" then close the report and move on.
  10. Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=188634 Ruler name: M3ATOPIA Nature of violation: Nation name refers to a derogatory name for the labia ("meat curtains"), uses numbers in an effort to conceal.
  11. I not sure what evidence you are using to justify your position that the moderators are favouring one group over another (especially since I'd be willing to wager that any data would show the opposite true).
  12. Player of the Year: Scholar Most Influential Player: w00tles Best Alliance Leader: Do Not Fear Jazz Best non-lead government member: Scholar Most Controversial Player: San Fortunado Nicest Player: hope Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: Bluebear
  13. I am unsure how this actually relates to the game experience of Co A line members, but thanks for your wishful thinking!
  14. So is this war over yet? I don't believe Kingsglaive or whatever have any means to actually engaging in a war so it's just meaningless forums posturing now.
  15. Well can you provide any further updates then???
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