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  1. Welcome good sir, hope you find this game and community to be enjoyable!
  2. Shut up no one cares about your dumb nation
  3. Roxchean Confederations, a small ex camelot micro
  4. Is this another one of those posts similar to that Blitzers dude a while back?
  5. Well, I'm sure that Politics and War will show up higher on the "country building game" search results as more people show up. Even if people don't stay, it should at least generate more interest in the category.
  6. Good luck, and also Vader didn't roll u haha
  7. If it's a joke war why are you posting it?
  8. Huh? This bloc is getting kinda strange now...
  9. I saw the ss lol. Anyways, its not like you would've been able to coup in the first place
  10. Rip Arctic man, he did big dumbbbb
  11. Also yes he did cheat, but it doesn't really mean he was a bad guy. All of my interactions with him were positive, even if on the side he was cheating. I understand why people feel negatively about him, he was obviously a controversial character.
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