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  1. Even if we find peace with the CSO, I will personally come over and make all your puny alliance shrivel and die. You and every single nation in Orbis knows you can't hurt a fly @HRH King ClarkeyBoy2707
  2. KingArgent did the deed, I just handled most of the discord stuff
  3. As of 5:58 PM GMT, The Galactic Republic has collapsed due to a coup orchestrated by Me and KingArgent. We hereby declare independence against the forces of the CSO and other such alliances. This coup was not supposed to happen today, but unfortunately actions from our government rushed the move. This was a preemptive move for the reasons to avoid allying with the forces of Opus Dei, and due to the loss of control in the alliance, as Barbosa had slowly been removing us from discord affairs that normally even as FA, we should be informed. So anyways, we are getting attacked by every single micro who says we are illegitimate. I have one message for them. We will never be oppressed, against any odds, and we will never give up. Peeled Turnip and KingArgent10
  4. After being removed from head at TGR, I realized that I need some time to contemplate. So, I have decided to take temporary leave. I cannot let this game affect me, my health both mentally and physically, and also my school. I am choosing priorities that will help me in the long run, and I feel like this is the best course of action I can take at this moment. I will renew my nation's vacation mode every 14 days, and I can still be contacted on discord. Thanks for the lovely community you guys are, and hopefully I'll be seeing and talking to you guys again next month.
  5. Sweet. Continue the mass murder of North Point
  6. @Noctis Anarch Caelum dude your call is irrelevant your the leader of Kingsglaive let them do whatever the frick they want
  7. Kill NP pls! I would join the war but unfortunately I must remember my responsibilities to my alliance
  8. Fraggle has been at the top for many a year. His immense power overshadows Orbis, and those who have played all know his name. It’s a shame he doesn’t enter into Orbis affairs more often, he could probably screw some things up
  9. Good luck, and I hope we can progress our treaty
  10. After looking back through my old DoE, I realized that it was complete crap. So, I decided to make a new one to solidify our ideals and to better express our goals and methods. THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC[DOE] The Galactic Republic, formerly known as "The Vegan Cartel" is the merger of "Vegetarian Utopia" and "The Santori Cartel", two small micros. Led by Peeled Turnip, the former IA of BoC, and Alan Barbosa, formerly of GoG, along with an experienced gov, The Galactic Republic works to develop all players of the game. The Galactic Republic employs a city based tax system, with cities below 5 are at 30-100, and cities below 10 are 50-100, and cities above 10 are 75-100. We are working extremely hard to grant all cities, even those above 10, through income based off of selling resources to make up for the absence of 100-100 taxes. What makes TGR better than all of the other micros? The community here is extremely inclusive, and the gov does their best to reach out to the members, and accommodate as much as they possibly can to make your experience playing Politics and War better. Thanks for listening, we appreciate all criticism and feedback, and are always willing to listen in order to become better.
  11. Damn I was gonna do Galactic Brown... I guess anything is better than Avengers Brown Bloc
  12. Best Micro Alliance - The Galactic Republic Worst Micro Alliance - The Avengers Most likely to succeed (Alliance)- United Empires of Orbis Most Controversial Micro - Mythic Most Honorable Micro - The Galactic Republic Most wanted disbandment - Mythic Worst FA (treaties) - SSONA Best FA (Treaties) - The Galactic Republic Fastest growing - The Avengers Best Flag - The Galactic Republic Worst Flag - SSONA Best Theme - The Galactic Republic Worst Theme - The Avengers Best Micro War - IS Vs TGR(not really a war tho) Most missed Micro - Vegetarian Utopia Best New Addition (Alliance) - The Galactic Republic Player Categories Best Micro Leader - Alan Barbosa Worst Micro Leader - Krystel Best Non Lead Government - Cord Worst Non Lead Government - Lury Most Controversial Player - Vein Best Micro Couper - Polish Empire(NATO) Best Micro Post - The Galactic Republic DoE Worst Micro Post - Take the L(Lury) Dumbest Micro Leader- Spartacus most likely to succeed (Player) - Aggeremid Most missed Micro leader - Firwof Kromwell lmao Best New Addition (Player) - Cord
  13. Wonders why irrelevant person is complaining about said alliance irrelevant person has 6 cities and would benefit from joining alliance wonders why such a bad theme is wasted on such a bad player
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