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  1. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    Yes, it's accurate if you only count the Middle East countries on the map.
  2. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    I've never stated all Arab countries, though. I simply stated most of the Arab countries are based on sharia law which is true.
  3. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    I'd like to bring this up again because I'm quite familiar with the issue as someone who studies Islam in Indonesia. First of all, ComradeMilton was quite right pointing out the fact that Muslims in Indonesia are quite different than the rest of Muslims in the world. However, it's more of because Indonesia is a secular country, it's not based upon sharia law or other Islamic laws whatsoever. Secondly, the vast majority of Indonesians practice the moderate form of Islam. Muslims in Indonesia are very different than their Muslim counterparts in other parts of the world, especially the Middle East. Muslims in Indonesia have long renounced the troubling and violent parts of Islam, unlike their Muslim counterparts in the Middle East who still practice those sorts of ancient teachings. That what makes Muslims in Indonesia are a bit more relaxed than the rest of Muslims in the world.
  4. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    Unfortunately, you're wrong about that. Most of the countries in the Middle East are based on sharia law and by no means seculars.
  5. Luckynako

    London Attack

    I suppose this would be another Comrade Milton vs Rozalia thread. I've been a fan of such threads, though.
  6. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    What about Islam? Should it be held accountable for the chaos in the Muslim world and Middle East in particular?
  7. Luckynako

    Obamacare doing in the Republicans?

    I can see you coming from more of capitalistic view, Laissez Faire Capitalism, right? But let me ask you a simple question, will you not be bothered if you find your fellow human beings suffering? Are you just going to pretend that how nature works?
  8. Luckynako

    Obamacare doing in the Republicans?

    I liked your gif above, but I'd be liking it more hearing your reasonings why healthcare shouldn't be seen as a right.
  9. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    In my humble opinion, you're just going to ensure the reformation that supposedly takes place in Islam fail to happen by doing every single word of things you mentioned above. What you proposed above is going to scare the moderate Muslims, the vast majority group of Muslims that we need the most to reform Islam from within. They will likely align themselves with the radical or extremist ones should we implement your sorts of solutions to the matter. The animosity towards each other becomes imminent, the cultural gap will be widened, and the clash of cultures will become inevitable, are these sorts of things you really want to see?
  10. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    Welp, you tried to alter the focus of our discussion here. I'll address the issue you brought up above but first I'll ask you the same question I asked earlier, does criticizing Islam consider as a form of attacks towards Islam and Muslims in particular? I know that the US currently has a sort of terrible foreign policy. I completely agree that the US shouldn't act like the world police whatsoever and the US needs to stop its interventions in other countries' affairs. Also, to some extent, I agree that somehow horrendous US foreign policy does help breed the violence and extremism in the Muslim world. However, to put the blame solely on the US for the rising of violence and extremism in the Muslim world isn't a sort of discussion we should be going.
  11. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    I don't think criticizing and scrutinizing equal to attacking them, though. What did you mean by "attacking" then?
  12. Luckynako

    Obamacare doing in the Republicans?

    Why don't just expand it to single-payer universal health care so that all people can be covered regardless their economic status? No poor people should be dying because they can't afford to pay the health care's bills anymore. To be honest with you, the way you described health care as a privilege disgusted me to some extent. Do you not have any compassion towards those who can't afford to get health care? I think health care should be considered as a right for all people. Thus, anyone should be able to get it whenever they need it.
  13. Luckynako

    Dutch Election

    Here where you got wrong, I've never claimed that all Muslims are terrorists nor did I ever say that all Muslim should be held accountable for the violent acts done by their fellow Muslims. What I tried to argue was that we and liberals, in particular, need to acknowledge the violent and troubling parts of Islam as a religion rather than to shield it from any criticism and scrutiny. In my humble opinion, excluding Islam from any criticism and scrutiny doesn't contribute well to our public conversations.
  14. Again, you're simply being intellectually dishonest. I think the so-called crazy Christians and the Alt-Right movement are intertwined in one way to another. I'll list a few news published by Breitbart (the so-called Alt-Right media outlet) showing their support towards their Christian counterparts and their values. Trump: Christian Refugees ‘Horribly Treated,’ ‘We Are Going to Help Them’ WATCH: Students Support Religious Freedom for Muslims, Not Christians Christian Leader Sees ‘Spiritual Battle’ Over Trump Presidency

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