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  1. It was actually a 3v2, Citadel, Covenant, Bk sphere vs. Ketog Chaos
  2. So where is this magical line that distinguishes what is an aa bank, and what is a warchest? I don't think the value should factor into Alex's judgement, because some aa banks are 50mil, while others are 50bil. There should be some clear and concise rules, and it should not come down to Alex flipping a coin.
  3. Yes, and some of Inst's extensive research proves that Epstein was in fact a double agent working for the Kay Tee for multiple monthes. He was killed because he knew to much about the NPO's sekret plans
  4. every fight is fair. you just have to be able to identify your enemies weakness rather than obsess over their strengths
  5. @SauceMaster Id have to agree with you on that. for the most part, kerchtog's planning was underwhelming, there were several opportunities that were spoiled, and key opportunities that they were outmaneuvered in. I think most of the alliances in kerchtog know that they are gonna have to change how they tier people up, and how they deal with fa, mainly, signing more protectorates... Thing is, I do not believe they will be granted an opportunity to "get good" because IQ is deliberately stalling negotiations to kill kerchtog so that threat is never realized... Leo said in the logs he believes that next time, kerchtog will be more prepared... So instead of letting it be a challenge, they are opting to force their challenge from the game instead of meeting it head on.
  6. So this is all really ironic... IQ was founded to oppose hegemonies and instead became one... Remember, its not just about wanting people to quit, its about wanting full control of the entire game.... This game isn't meant to be "won", its meant to be played.
  7. Most of the damage being done at this point is deletions/ inactive... Like losing a 20 city nation is 1.4b... a 30 city is like 8b...
  8. Please note that you are being reported for posting in a non discussion thread,
  9. Please enjoy being reported for discussing a reportation in a non discussion thread
  10. Hi, I’d like to report this person for using ableist language
  11. @dragonshardz Ok, doesn’t help your case that you spread Stalin propaganda, a person who actually targeted and murdered people with disabilities. Your disability is you call everyone a fascist without realizing you're the only fascist in the room.
  12. @Butts you need to apologize for your refusal to condemn ethnic cleansing. Period. Cant believe GOONS, self proclaimed SJWs can't.
  13. @ButtsHatred, nah... Your the guy who can't condemn ethnic cleansing and the killing of homosexuals... I don't like calling people Nazis... but you seem to fit the description.
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