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  1. Because people are stupid and need to be reminded of game rules
  2. For anyone attempting to purchase hentai from Phoenix Enterprises, it does break the game rules and Pyrrha did get banned for it... Tl;dr don’t be dumb
  3. I dunno about that one chief...
  4. Hold on to your pants buddy, he’s holding it ransom, not deleting it Anyone got 500mil to spare?
  5. Havgle couped the new Afrika Korps, plz help us by sending us your money
  6. I have obtained some white powder from a shady guy on the street right outside a bakery... Anyone know what this is?

  7. I dropped my last Hot Pocket and now I have nothing to eat...

    1. Corpsman


      That's a rip.

  8. It’s the circle of life. You leave one and join another...
  9. Alex just needed a reason to take over. Y’all just don’t realize it yet...
  10. I just realized the fictional gang that my alliance is named after was founded by Vietnam war veterans. Also, Im a founder of the alliance.

    *Has war flashbacks*

  11. Andrew does crack, don’t mind him...
  12. I was personally thinking of hitting this nation https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=69644 Joke? I was ready to ip grab this man (Chute doesn’t encourage nor participate in the use of ip grabbers)
  13. Someone put too much salt on their mashed potatoes lmfao. Calm yourself bruh, you’ll catch up to us someday
  14. Trash talk belongs in the trash. You can find that here bud https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7306
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