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  1. M level treaty? What? Last time I checked, CHB was in the defenders position >->
  2. Cam and profit? Who wrote that into existence?
  3. Looks like CoTL will finally get dethroned by P&W’s most defective alliance o7 rip CoTL
  4. Everyone loves it when some random mirco that isn't even top 100 declares existence. DISBAND
  5. Nah, it's more like 1.) @Corpsman Joins a micro as gov 2.) Claims to be the leader over and over again 3.) All other good players leave the alliance 4.) @Corpsman leaves the alliance before he gets his ass rolled 5.) Everyone who didn't leave gets their ass rolled
  6. And this is why I told him that when I leave, his alliance will die... Also pong ghey
  7. Because people are stupid and need to be reminded of game rules
  8. For anyone attempting to purchase hentai from Phoenix Enterprises, it does break the game rules and Pyrrha did get banned for it... Tl;dr don’t be dumb
  9. I dunno about that one chief...
  10. Hold on to your pants buddy, he’s holding it ransom, not deleting it Anyone got 500mil to spare?
  11. Havgle couped the new Afrika Korps, plz help us by sending us your money
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