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  1. Chute Mi


    I got emailed for this > - >
  2. Well Wonder what I should put here For starters, how about I go out of my way to dedicate this forum post to the wonderful folks at Chocolate Castle who consentingly brought me down the path I've finished walking Personally I think there was no reason for me to do what I've decided, but thus here I am At least I can be confident saying I'm not leaving the same way Nokia is... It's probably obvious what this is about, and I'll cut to the chase I'm leaving I'm done No more bad micros No more defending myself against allegations spawned from the exact alliance who took it upon themselves to work their way up my list of most hated alliances Of course, no better way to go At least not in my opinion Golden Dawn is a mess I made it this way, no one else The members that remain, have the inconvenience of not knowing what a good alliance looks like After all, I took it upon myself to exploit Golden Dawn to it's furthest extent So, I shall now leave the mess I have created to the same fool who followed me through this game Don't quit Don't blame yourself Just find a real alliance One that isn't Golden Dawn That's not a request That's an order My final order Lastly, I think it's of note to mention why I quit Lets put it simply Chocolate Castle Now, lets not point fingers But Chocolate Castle helped me, and the rest of the game realize what I couldn't No, not that I'm a fascist, and people will certainly take it this way But simply that this game is not made for me There are no goodbyes There are no farewells There are good riddances Not from me though More than likely from the comments on this post There is no tl;dr tl;dr's are for those who can sum up a page or two into a sentence or two That'd be if I could sum up this game into a forum post, which I can't Guess that's it Don't try to message me Those of you left in my friends list are there for a reason Hopefully you'll remain there Last post? September 11th, 2019 - April 15, 2021
  3. As someone who has purchased flags from Minesome before, I can indeed confirm this as true
  4. Isn't this just a guide on how to be a macro? I see nothing unusual about this
  5. This feud must end, the council will hear of this...
  6. You can never stop my revolution!
  7. This is one messed up war, these justifications are nuts
  8. I was gonna, but credits are expensive and I’m poor
  9. It is with an iron fist that I announce my overthrow of Golden Dawn’s gov! Order must be restored in order to continue on, and that begins with the opposition. As the new Supreme Leader of Golden Dawn, I have removed all other gov members who could possibly oppose my unquestionable authority, and have secured my position as dictator. With this, I have also edited the alliance page to meet my standards, and will be enacting several other policies in the next few days, such as becoming a Rose prot, renaming the alliance to The Archangels, recruiting competent and obedient gov members, such as BSKsplick, Firewolf, Alex Winchell, the secret HM leader, etc., and finally, forcing Amarr Empire and The Coal Mines to merge into Golden Dawn (soon to be The Archangels) with unfair merge demands and proxy warfare. I hope you all await my supreme leadership! Signed: Chute Mi, Supreme leader of Golden Dawn (soon to be The Archangels) I’m too lazy to put in more effort, so happy April Fools from one of the most hated PnW players
  10. Never knew any of you, but good luck!
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