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  1. I have a suspicion that this treaty is gonna be as useful as the Panth-Aurora treaty.
  2. Coming up next after the break: Aurora doesn't do... well, actually anything, to defend its ally.
  3. Let's not kid ourselves. Both are equally useless.
  4. If you ask nicely, you can probably get Grumpy to roll you a few times.
  5. Given how fast your members were "getting busy irl", I don't think that they'd need to make yall quit.
  6. Idk who TCM is saving face for rn. Yall lost, everyone knows that, and it's okay. Your members scrammed, but not much else was expected, and to a degree, that's fine too I guess. No need for the front yall are putting up.
  7. Heretics, the lot of you. Olives *do* in fact belong on pizza. Pineapple and onions on the other hand, well, only heathens put em on their pizza.
  8. Buck. This is a war mechanics discussion. Let's have ppl who actually war these days talk here, instead of 4k+ infra dudes.
  9. Either you weren't around for last global, or your memory has some holes in it. Maximum doesn't mean much when it can be grinded down, and then sat on, and very much easily with this update.
  10. Removing beige cause of alleged slot filling is like removing the ability to trade because the resources are so highly priced. Makes no sense.
  11. Not sure why this is so hard to understand, and why beige got removed because of this.
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