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  1. Hope you don't mind if we make a bit of a mess while visiting you.
  2. That title. Are you planning on body swapping with each others alliances? Thats what I'd call closeness.
  3. You could start something yourself if you are that impatient. Be proactive!
  4. Then we have succeeded in making a proper scroll. Glad to see this up.
  5. Clearly you need another treaty partner to bring Kill la Kill in for a theme as well.
  6. Muslims are seen as "brown" by leftists so it is their "culture" if they have beliefs that are against current social norms but Christians are seen as "white" so are oppressors, therefore any of their beliefs that are similar to Muslims are then hateful and to be condemned.
  7. I think you give yourself too much credit in how much we stay up thinking about you I got to say.
  8. When I see people complaining that we are not having a "fair" fight I can't help but roll my eyes considering the history of conflicts in this game. Like in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) before it people don't go for anything that is "fair" much of the time and the same people who are complaining here themselves are guilty of what they are accusing us of here now, Test included. Same with the Valyria situation, they themselves have no issue with what occurred, we really were planning on jumping in yet still we "betrayed them" or some nonsense. People can criticize us of things like our foreign policy and how well we prepare and do in fights, such is reasonable toward any alliance even if I may not agree with the conclusions. The above though is simply pathetic and its hypocritical on the face of it. Well at least you are open about your desires.
  9. I find this sudden outbreak of "fair fights" and "what's the point in fighting, you can't keep someone down forever" to be rather absurd. I know there are those out there who have this real hate boner for SK but really now can't you try and and relieve your pain in a less dishonest way?
  10. I suppose when the media and Clinton supporters push the "Trump is literally Hitler" narrative there being violence when he actually wins was inevitable.
  11. Good fight all, its been a blast. Couple of my opponents even cool enough to chat even while we blew each other up. Well, time to sort through the rubble, let the rebuilding begin!
  12. I'll break open a cask of wine and toast your merger. To bigger and better things, stronger together!
  13. Well anyone who thinks its worth the risk can give it a go, I have to wonder if the chance of getting caught (which will have to happen at some point, can't see the vast majority of people agreeing to this arbitrary limit after all and the spy odds can't be that much in favor of the initiator) it could easily set off the very event the Gentlemen want to prevent.
  14. Seems to me that if one's nukes are being targeted by spies the proper response is to detonate them over the cities of the spying nation.
  15. I can agree with this, if Muslims were held to the same standards as everyone else than they wouldn't be able to maintain such beliefs as modern law wouldn't allow it and without their regressive left defenders this would be much easier. Would certainly be a boon for Muslims themselves who will be able to assimilate into mainstream culture without such strong backlash from within their own insular community. I'm not sure if regressives will be sent into retreat anytime soon though, if anything they are growing stronger especially in universities. I think it will take a few more tragedies to occur before the people finally stir and kick these types out of power without concern of being called a bigot. Hopefully.
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