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  1. *Why you defend him so much?* Perhaps I could just pull a conclusion so fast. But he might be the second person aiding with a french VPN. (Tho, I do not think so) Or he just hates so hard BK, that even knowing that all this is happening he must side his friend to try to smooth his harder fall. However, even if I mention, I just think that EM is only protecting a friend, despite that his friend did wrong. In any case, George a question: First you said "I did nothing I give back the rss", then you agreed to move rss but not entering, then you mention the hypotetical case where *probably* you enter BKNet to delete logs.... So at this pace, is there a chance that with all this pressure you admit being the two connections?
  2. Forum Name: Cathy Link to post: Reason: This not the first post of this person, but I am in phone to gather all the posts, using the whatever is called: nazty, all the time to address the "fashies", is clearly a "go around" with the German Party between 1936 - 1945. Plus, the awful way to write, that even an email filter can considerate it as SPAM, that costs to the non-native english speakers to understand what is saying, is just a Big no. And clearly the person is not willing to write like someone that got education in a school. I believe that, if most of people gets corrected by using any way to express the root word, this one should not be an exception. And should write properly in a forum where everyone has right to understand what is trying to say (even if is non-sense).
  3. Wooooow, yeah... Okay. No-one asked you. So same message like to the rest. Give them a break. Is not a loss, is experience, and pretty sure NPO has other things to do and considerate, to be bully to IS.
  4. So I guess the only choice is that you convince them to surrender (: In any case, loyalty (no matter the side) is important.
  5. War always shows the true colors of the people mate. Y'all did good, tried to join, and decided to walk out of it. It is fine, it is valid, and is really weird that the side of The Immortals is ranting against y'all and Coalition B is praising, but that just mean the values of the people along the community. Oh...! Erm....! Idk, I am not BK Gov, but perhaps poke Coalition B leaders apart of any Ally you have, like Atom on its own apart? (I do not know.... <.< Now I feel slight bad )
  6. When your leaders decide to surrender in Our terms (Coalition B Terms).
  7. Wow! R00d! You got it at third time of reading. But again. If you are pissed off that IS Choose peace before NP. That can be solved easily, just make NP Peace out too.
  8. I mean, if piss you off that IS did this before NP, NP still can surrender, and rebuild and be happy.
  9. But then Coalition B is the evil. And they the Good side. sigh Double standards in Coalition A.
  10. Let them, basically I explain in 3 ways, is just like talking to a wall.
  11. So yeah, clearly you use like for ever the short lights.
  12. I think you are the drama queen. I go again to explain basic logic of system of terms and conditions to you, since seems that you ignored my lecture: > Politics and Wars is a Site. > Politics and Wars Provide an API > Therefore the API is an Extension of Politics and Wars (What is an API: An application programming interface (API) is a particular set of rules ('code') and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate with each other. ) > What can an user do with an API? Pull stats, between other things by a third party interface. > Rules says that 3rd party things are a no-no, why BKNet and other thing is allowed? Because they have authorized use of the API and BKnet itself is just an Easy UI for the users, so instead seeing an awful Google docs API sheet, we see a website. > "Breaking in BKnet does not break rules!" Wrong, despite being a 3rd Party site, Politics and Wars API is on use, so whoever did this (avoiding blame your Friend because you transform into a Drama Queen) Break in a site that is using an extension of Politics and Wars, therefore, there is a violation to Politics and Wars terms. > "I DEMAND", Buddy, you and any enemy of BK, to be honest, you have been messing around with leaks, and I tell you what, the server owner where you pulled the leaks could easily demand you since you and your buddies Broke Discord T&C, Security and Safety terms, and by extension when you slander in your spam posts, Politics and War got involved. I suggest you to stop whimpering on stuff that apparently you are innocent, unless you have a guilty feeling. Do you? > "They have been illegally using and violating the bot system to circumvent the rules" Wrong again.The RSS are not hiding, you just want easy stuff. The API was created by Alex, and if you read again and quote again: <<is a particular set of rules ('code') and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate with each other.>> so to use API is necessary to do a plataform for it. So stop being jealous that you cannot build what BK or any other has created. And learn Python and Django (PHP has too many security issues) By paragraph here: > No-one has proven to you. You are not an Admin. Heck, you are not even a mod or wiki mod. You are just someone who broke a promise to BK. If Gorge get banned, then was Gorge, if Gorge by some lucky reason does not get banned, despite his baits, and mocks, well Devils luck needs to end some day. But if some other gets banned by exploiting and hacking into Leo's account, then I will by myself apologize to him. At the end Errare Humanum Est. > Do me a favor, seems that you read my first explanation, but I did a second so Kastor could understand better, Read that too please, and if you both keep whining around, then is logic that common sense is the last of common of all senses (that or you both just have the short lights)
  13. I can answer you wih my assumption. The bot can not. But everyone is trying to make Leo Responsible that they do not care about common sense. The BKnet uses PW API, so even if is not a PW site, has PW coding (the API) therefore has is not entirely apart of PW rules and T&C. To use the API you agree with a serial of rules and terms. BKnet is just an automatic cashier bank, like in real life you deposit your money with an account number and code, and you withdraw from your account. However, if someone does a backdoor, violating the integrity of the code and the API used there, you compromise a serial of security stuff, and like everything on internet with brute force you can pull a password. So, as far I understand, Gorge or anyone used a back door (hacking and since is PW API, even being 3rd party site, is still covered by PW terms) pushes away the RSS, pull out Leo's password and kicked out all the Archdukes, Viceroys and Econ Members and probably IA or Defense members too. I highly believe that was not a random kicking. So for real all this ping pong of whatever this others that ask for public proofs and claims that is not PW matter and is to blame Leo and just Leo and bla bla.... They should know that if they have a bot, and the bot is using PW API, therefore the bot is related to PW terms and rules. So yes, administration has the right to check in and take messures on it. And if a member is discovered of malicious intentions, I do not see why people just jump in defense of that person or praise that person. I only ask to stop the stupid salt for 2 minutes and swap the situation and make ir yours. <<What if...>> This happen to you?
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