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  1. Quit being reasonable and stable. It's impossible to dehumanize you when you do that.
  2. replace Baseball with miniputt so Cloaca Eggs can embargo people for getting a bogey
  3. can't rimshot hard enough on this one almost broke my drumset
  4. Your shit alliance full of inactives wasn't a challenge for anyone.
  5. A magnificent thread. Well done by all involved. You all did your part.
  6. ur goin down thigh phone
  7. ...as soon as you guys learn that tanks exist.
  8. Teeming with faux relevance, Threaty McThreaterson lets yet another poo ball drop out the leg of his pants and onto the floor of the forum.
  9. Haha, you talk with the same amount of snide arrogance that you had almost a decade ago. You were still a kid back then, so at least you had an excuse. I'm surprised at your inability to learn life's lessons.
  10. Just found out you're my little Methy. I'm so happy right now.
  11. I was, in Neutral Shoving, when I got banned for changing my nation info to say "suck a dick, !@#$min" over and over while simulatenously nuking Bilrow to ZI. I came back for Negligence and Sadism and was the Strategos for a year and a half until I got burnt out, then as I was giving my tech to my fellow goons on the way to deletion Roquentin reported me for ban evasion. That was 7 years ago, and I'm not sure why I'm back playing a game like this other than to hang with these fools again. They're a goddamn perfect blight on society.
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