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  1. tag people all you want. Your post was completely void of meaning. It's as if you intentionally meant to convey absolutely nothing to the community. Some people would call that spam, but I call it typical of the opposition.
  2. upvote this because it has words and despite being completely unreadable is posted by a member of the opposing coalition. we're having a jumble party and you're invited, congrats.
  3. Yeah I agree how about we deal with adversity like functioning members of society
  4. it's weird but I saw your systems seizing up while I was reading your post. It's almost as if you guys have an antiquated system that is being abolished. Oh,. OH. OH MY.
  5. you're not very good at argumentative posting, I've noticed. All your comments have been something that couldn't be disputed because there's no substance. You're literality the posting equivalent to ....absolutely nothing. you're nothing, dude.
  6. they certainly weren't a person flailing about with a sign
  7. it's funny how downvotes were anonymous but now we have literal nobodies coming out the woodworks to post an image of an arrow.
  8. I'm always excited to see you comment on posts Deulos, because you are the least sour grapes and most literary person in these forums.
  9. I'd agree, but the quality of the content of the community is purely dependent on the quality of the community themselves. This community is one of the worst I've seen. Sure, there are outliers, but very few.
  10. That's what I've already stated in this very thread. Several insults later, I guess you're starting to see what this forum is becoming.. the end of stupidity. Isn't it wonderful?
  11. There's no downvote, guy. It doesn't exist anymore. There's already been outrage from the bad posters about it. As for your post, you had a lot of buzzwords. Well done. I'm sorry you're representing yourself with a shiba inu. That breed doesn't resemble your characteristics at all. They're incredibly intelligent, loyal, and silent. The only time they make noise is when there's danger at their doorstep. You make noise just to make noise.
  12. except for people that prove they're not. You have impeccable taste in dogs, but shit taste in posting, guy.
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