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  1. Ofc Nokia replies because he wants to suck you into his lair of bestiality and failure @Bill the Moose
  2. Greetings friends and enemies! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy war effort! I hope everything is going according to plan ( for both sides ) and to not forget this is just a game! Everyone here is amazing and awesome and I love this community!!!!!!!!!!! Edit - oof, this is alliance affairs not national, please move :((
  3. Hello fellow virgin gamers! Looking for a way to gain fame? Tired of grinding on youtube with your 15 subscribers? Want to get some more? Publish your content on Avalon Gaming! We are a company focused on forwarding and promoting your content! Afterall..... It is you who will be gaining a positive outcome, not us! We focus on you, not us! Contact Information: - Our main base for communication right now is Discord, join our server for more information on becoming a member of Avalon gaming: https://discord.gg/acb2Tva - don't know what the heck Discord is? Feel free to send us an email: [email protected](edited) Avalon Gaming inc. general
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