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  1. Heaven has spoken. The gods have declared our time as a strong, independent empire is now over. As of today, the Ming Empire is just a memory. We have had four beautiful and prosperous years in PnW, what started as a CyberNations alliance founded by Diomedes and Trajan as Ragnarok become something more. The Ming Empire was an alliance of diversity, of friends from afar who joined to foster a sense of community and we are proud of that. And while we, the citizens of Ming are sad to see it fade into the pages of history, we are proud of our accomplishments, whether it be supporting each other or our allies, to reaching 50+ members, or joining the top 10. We go now into the beyond with hope and trust that our time here was enjoyable for all and that Heaven’s will be done. While our Mandate has expired, the gods have entrusted a new just ruler with their blessing: Valk of Rose. As fitting, our Empire will merge with theirs, becoming stronger. In the spirit of an independent Ming however, our members had the free will to join any other alliance they saw fit, and we wish them health, wealth, and prosperity. Ming Out TLTR- Merging into Rose
  2. He is on vacation in Hawaii.
  3. Alex said he will not gonna delete parts of our bank or refund what we lost when they got banned. We haven't gained anything from them since each penny went into building them up to city 15. We lost about $2.5b from them + $500m loan we gave to them when they created HA. So we lost about $3b. You can see everything here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mwZbAUrQND-_KuyoEIwtU55_3QiKP3l6qyedTSMcinw/edit?usp=sharing Confirmation from Alex: PS to all raiders, we don't store anything valuable in the alliance bank. Because we taxed them 100/100 and everyone had to be on one city build if they wanted to receive grants for new cities.
  4. Idc, got more important stuff.
  5. As world is in panic of the Coronavirus. Our members in quarantine who don't want any conflict while we dealing with some bigger than a Micro Alliance. Knights Templar searching for the Coronavirus? You have come to glorious birth country of the virus. We will hug and cough on every KT member trying to interrupt our quarantine time. Hail Corona!
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