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  1. There's a lot of nothing you've said in that post other than supposedly both coalitions want to force the other out of the game, and something something you guys are realists but Col A wants to preserve competition, wouldn't that essentially make your goals to become a hegemony?
  2. The war cannot end unless both sides are serious about ending it, which has not been the case as shown in many different threads.
  3. I think this would be an even bigger (and unnecessary) inconvenience to new players during major wars, there are better alternatives to increase attrition, some ideas have already been pushed forward by Prefontaine.
  4. Your post would have been better received if you had come across as objective, but your refusal to acknowledge the hypocrisy even regarding matters like OOC from your side too is harmful to your (very valid) points. Yes, the logs should have been scrubbed of OOC information, but there's also your side fulfilling a war goal to drive as much opposition from the game they can, which is also very much OOC.
  5. The second you made it political, full stop, you lost. OOC should stay OOC, it should not be brought into the game, whether that be leaking private information without scrubbing or driving people out of the game.
  6. I think there's a bit of a difference in that this game is free and not backed by the bank of a large corporation, plus credits can be purchased from other players so you don't really need to spend a dime for anything you mentioned. The only problem I really have is how pay to win the credits are, 150+ mil every month seems like an absurd amount of money for paying players to have as an advantage over those that do not pay, I get the game needs people to buy credits to keep it running (and feed Alex ofc) but 150+ mil is excessive.
  7. Several missed the point that these were children, who aren't known to be good decision makers.
  8. I think he meant he wasn't going to "leak it anyway." You seem to have motivated him when you made claims about his involvement with Cynic's bank theft.
  9. Who needs revisionist history when you can force your opponents to edit the present 😏
  10. Yeah, we (North Point) actually removed this guy for similar behavior on Discord.
  11. Yet you want freedom from consequence for attacking members of other people's alliances.
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