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  1. You don't know what classifies as using moderation as a weapon, so I'm not gonna respond. Didn't even read the post, the title alone was enough.
  2. Enjoy your peace Federation, we appreciate you joining the cause, even if short lived.
  3. Brought to you by Raid Shadow Legends!
  4. Weren't you the one that scurried to the background when Kerchtogg was winning, then came back to public view after NPO joined?
  5. As far I know, George leaked the coalition B server, bearing in mind, after Col B bussed him and were trying to roll him from the game. Dusty was also not the one that leaked those sheets, Minesome did, and funny enough is that Minesome leaked some of Camelot's own sheets on the politicsandwar Discord which you prompty deleted using your mod powers. Boggles the mind you would throw away a great FA opportunity to defend traitors. You acted in bad faith against the bloc, you attempted to extort NP, you harbored a traitor to 'our' bloc, you rogued NP (which directly after is when leadership channels were cleaned because it became clear you could no longer be trusted), and you then blitzed a member of the bloc, which you understood would drag in the entire bloc. You're a snake, and not the good kind like Partisan. Need further indication? You told BoC you were "handling the situation?" You told us in that voice chat you had no intentions to counter for them, so either you lied to us, or you lied to them. Two faced. I will agree with you on the final point though, I would have preferred the whole situation been deescalated, but you and Akuryo decided to have a cock measuring contest in that voice chat, and you decided it was more important to prove who was right, than save your alliance from its inevitable fracture with OD and help form something great in the Cock Bloc. I also told you already that I believed you when you said Weebs and TMC changed the server name, regardless, that pales in comparison to nuking the server and leaking logs to cause a fracture. Your reasoning for such, to "not bare witness to anymore stupidity," a frickin laughable excuse. A moral high ground does not exist for you in the Fark debacle, you were complicit in everything said there until you were no longer a benefactor. I also disavow the vulgarities said by Akuryo in those logs, the other things you leaked, out of context logs used to elicit a fracture in our coalition to get alliances to peace. I wouldn't be aware of deletions, as you know, I'm simply low gov, in game, in Discord, and on that server. I do appreciate you not releasing the logs because of the attached OOC information, but do not compare it to me. I had a copy of the logs from Coalition B's server, I promptly deleted them when concerns were brought up about it containing OOC contents.
  6. The leaks from your bank thief are not the leaks I'm referring to.
  7. No... He definitely is, he's implicitly stated as much. Not even mentioning his very clear motives for doing such an act, there'd be literally no incentive for any other leadership in the bloc to risk their war effort like that.
  8. Regardless of whether this is true (I wouldn't know), I recall that Epi downloaded our bloc server before clearing its contents and removing everyone for what would be assumed by your standards, 'to disseminate out of context logs in an effort to discredit us further/feign moral outrage to get people to peace out from our side.'
  9. I don't know who "we" is, North Point is not apart of coalition A so we're not familiar with the past occurrences in your peace negotiations. But yes, I'd say the tides of the war are turning in our favor.
  10. Oh but there is an alternative, winning the war.
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