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  1. You have yet to peace the war, so even if that was your intent, you're now legitimately slot filling by letting the war expire instead of immediately ending it with peace once he logged on.
  2. I like seeing Valk in a leadership position again. Good luck.
  3. Spaghetti is just tomato soup with extra steps.
  4. I'd rather keep fighting you tbh. BK hasn't earned terms.
  5. These are the IQ strats I like to see
  6. Dark Brotherhood. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4221
  7. Best of luck to you guys. Build up from the rubble and continue strong.
  8. I kinda do wanna know who can deliver pizza faster by submarine, a kind soul should test this theory, I like green pepper on my pizza. Address 1337 Gamer street, thanks in advance.
  9. Don't compare baseball to raiding, baseball is so mindlessly easy, even a bot could-- oh wait.
  10. If you're gonna choose to be an ineffective leader, at least don't waste other people's time by ignoring the wisdom you asked for.
  11. Getting dizzy from all this spinning
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