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  1. Art thou suggesting TCW is more virtuous than TKR?? Anyways I die when I delete!! Keep trying big man, God loves a trier
  2. Pride is worth more than military units
  3. We have digressed somewhat. That which is implied is largely subjective. The subjects who you reference will clearly have a different view to you based on their personal experience. In any case where do we stop? This thought progression generally devolves into a game of excuses and blame, a world in which truth is sought and fabricated, facts (I laugh) excluded from the majority (including me) who are directly affected by the outcome, and is rarely resolved. I'm not calling anyone out, but asking 'what is left for those (the majority) looking into the fog and seeking leadership?' One answer might be Loyalty, (and honor), and a forum with people hopefully trying to make things better for everyone. Hopefully this is it.
  4. Perhaps. As I said I've very little experience in this. Ultimately though I would've thought that all the distrust and interpersonal issues that arise and result in these wars occur at the top of the pyramid. For my part, I've had some great convo's with members of many alliances and have little reason to distrust them as people. Of course we're all towing our AA's POV but that doesn't amount to distrust, respect if anything else. Loyalty is a good thing. If the head was chopped off all alliances, I think the game would move on, probably have a nice period of peace too.........not suggesting that as a solution of course.
  5. The solution seems to be some form of limit on war duration and/or a pre-determined metric for winning the war. An official DoW should cover both these points (as well as a CB I hesitate to add) or be otherwise deemed invalid. Both would be ideal. Claiming the war is won despite ongoing war, and/or retrospective claims are not what I mean. 'Purging the weak' is basically a fast road to creating an oppositional community, bereft of new ideas (and new players) that will decline into a morass of bitterness that'll eventually migrate over to the next nation sim. (Just a view from a newbie with little nation sim experience of course) There is apparently more to a nation sim than just war, not that anyone new would know (I'm 110 days old and haven't yet known peace). I'm certain we can war later on over ongoing/unresolved issues (most of which I couldn't care less about)......indeed, an apparently wise person did say to me something along the lines that you can't lose if you don't delete your nation, so if true and from a certain perspective, does this render all war pointless?? As distasteful as the term 'agree to disagree' (temporarily of course) might be to some, it may be the only way we stimulate this game into a more desirable state.
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