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  1. What's the daily limit on defensive spy slots? 3 spy attempts/successes? If so then lower the defensive counts to 2, make gather intel a free use but change it so it counts on the defensive end of things. This way you don't limit nations on their use of gather intelligence but instead have to be careful of how they use the op since it'll limit spying capabilities against a nation from the reduction to 2 a day and making gather intel use one of those slots but not cost the offensive spy ops a spy use. This should achieve more or less the same thing that you want by limiting things in a different way.
  2. TKR member accuses Roq of stalling. I (an NPO member) affirm that this is not the case as he hasn't been around the last few days. You (TKR member) come in all "GeT yOuR tAlKiNg PoInTs StRaIgHt" me : ???
  3. Games only have the staying power as to how much is put into them. Runescape and WoW having staying power because they always are adding the next new update, more quests, better items, etc. Once players hit the limits of how they can play and manipulate the gameplay aspects (by that I mean find the best builds, figure out marketing, and ultimately acquiring the prerequisites) and hit the endgame it's up to the developer to find new ways to push the ceiling and keep things interesting. At the same time one must be wary of not overcomplicating things as to not overwhelm new players especially in a browser based game like this in 2019. And more realistically speaking most online games have a life cycle, it's kind of just an unfortunate truth.
  4. As a former CN player that's a load of bull&*#%. Sorry to say but the NPO had the opposite effect in CN. Because the NPO were undefeated for so long within CN it gave people a goal to strive for and actually was much more interesting because of it. CN died after the Karma war, ironically. And before anyone bothers I was completely anti-NPO between 2006-2010, my time in CN.🙄
  5. Roq had some personal things he has had to attend to, he's been inactive on our discord channels as well for the past few days. Sometimes life comes up, sorry it's at this time but eh, shit happens.
  6. Everyone wants a piece of the Hippo, a delicacy really. 😂
  7. I was gonna say, I thought it would have been fine to do it in private too but to each their own. No complaints here, if they wanna post it that's cool too.😋
  8. Right, whatever you say -16 million.😂 https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/war/539052
  9. Just leaving this here since it dropped 5 days ago.
  10. EA release? Then this game will flop by default. Everything EA touches turns into trash. And I called the whole Anthem thing the second it got announced. So feel free to quote me on that. 😉
  11. Oh that was me, your welcome kind sir. 😉
  12. What's it like being in the future Epi?! Actually gimme the lotto numbers, I need 'em. Or the game scores. Proline works too.😂
  13. This should definitely be implemented. Good suggestion. Leaders already have their hands full as it is, so it would be nice to help alleviate the load a bit.
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