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  1. Sorry Alex I'm only responding as a baseball player that's looking to add to your assessment and help with a verdict. Apologies. Before you nerfed baseball to what it is now with the 1k games per day max I'd like to remind you certain players were running over 10k away games a day and were not botting. I never had a problem getting a few thousand away games and while I don't really do much baseball anymore I know if the player is determined it's easy to hit 2k away games in a day. Hope this helps and isn't a problem for you.
  2. Okay, that's fair. However I would like to point out there's a huge difference in context between the words who you are and what defines you, if anything they work together but most definitely do not mean the same thing. As for what defines me, that can't really be summed up. My loyalty trumps all, but I'm very steadfast in that I hate cheating, in every game. This is especially true for me if the cheating in question hurts other players. If you're looking for a specific problem I have with you, it's that you left your Yakuza comrades to hang out to dry, it goes against my views of loyalty. I won't claim to know all your circumstances but from where I stand I saw you choose your own nations progress over sticking it out with your mates. (just a side note, this is only about Yakuza, I'm aware you had some disagreement with BK, that's a different thing for me.) Edit : Actually gonna clarify that cheating in every game only applies to online games. Like if you use the Yojimbo Zamato exploit in Final Fantasy X that's your business or forcing lightning to drop for the 200 lightning dodge in the Thunder plains. Since single player games won't ever affect anyone else.
  3. Well fought IronFront, Brilliantly written. Good luck with your future endeavours!
  4. Your the one that asked. If you wanted my username you know where it is. What else am I supposed to think?
  5. I nominated you as the official speaker of which one of us is the most "brainwashed" unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) for you everyone agreed and thus you have been delegated. I expect to see a score sheet within the next 5 business days. ❤️
  6. Remove beige completely. I think Alex agrees it's not worth the headache in reports anymore and if it ain't there it can't be abused. 😊
  7. Just wanted to ask @Alex (sorry it's not incredibly important) if it's possible to add in an option for the enemy nation to be fortified into the battle simulators?
  8. It says right above my PFP, SleepingNinja. Unless your asking for my real name, in which case I find that highly inappropriate of you, but expected given your lack of dignity.
  9. Point me to my claims (personal, as in me and only me) of outing you from the game? I care not if you continue to play or not. I do care if you break the rules, since I enjoy playing the game fairly. Also you just admitted to it on your own. Alex is admin, his word is law (even if I don't like it). If he decided you were within the realms of cheating and punished you accordingly then you were in fact cheating. End of story, there is no wiggle room or argument. Go talk to a wall if you don't like Alex's decision, or cry to him until he's sick of it and bans you. (I wouldn't recommend this though, since I'm in fact not trying to ban you at all, but again point me to whatever reports I've made on you.) This is a me and you thing. Not a you and NPO thing. Also lol, apparently the joke name struck a chord.😂
  10. Well I dunno then, guess he should have paid attention in geography. 😂
  11. Oooo I remember moon warz. I was in LUE over there and that's all I remember. Oh and Archon. I remember him 😛
  12. Had a blast rolling you guys, good luck on your rebuild and much respect.👍
  13. @Epi I enjoyed it but just wanted to point out the ocean in between the USA and North Korea is the Pacific. The atlantic is between Europe and North America 😛
  14. No I do agree amounts can absolutely be negotiated. At least most of them. anything sub 1 billion shouldn't really be an issue but that's just me. As far as the loans go I'd personally be willing to cut them in half at the least but I'm not part of the process so hopefully you guys might be willing to work on it. We'll see I suppose.
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