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  1. @Alex Pretty sure your topic has run its course. Is there even a point to leaving this open?
  2. Guess the truth is gonna hurt too once they convince Alex you've been botting the whole time. What goes around comes around buddy. If all your gonna do is spew venom everywhere else might want to consider your own karma before it decides to bite you in the ass too. Either way neither of us care so bugger off.
  3. Alright enough dude, piss off. I've defended you a ton everytime Coalition A nations started accusing you of botting in baseball. So take your BS rhetoric elsewhere.
  4. Yeah it kinda is, I just wasn't a fan of the map editor. Incredible editor, but hard to get the hang of. StarCrafts modded editor SCMDraft was equally unreal and was much more user friendly. I'm biased and proud of it in this case.
  5. StarCraft Broodwar > All of the above.
  6. Wasn't really the point. But okay. You have the right to defend yourselves just as much as we do.
  7. Slander would fall under Cyber Bullying laws, which do exist. Nice try though.
  8. Nation being reported : https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=152918 Reason : Accused of using the N word, which I have never done EVER. This is a Defamation of character and I will not tolerate such accusations towards myself. Proof. @Alex Also this is an OOC attack against me personally on top of the Defamation of character. https://imgur.com/s4PgIvG https://imgur.com/ftkTPLP @AntMan I'm tagging you so you may attempt to defend yourself, however I am shocked at this accusation and am at a loss as to what made you think I've ever used such terms.
  9. Quoting for appreciation. Space jam is a classic.
  10. Your thinking too individually, I work in a collective alliance, this project wouldn't be a problem cost wise. TKR is rich, they could easily afford them too. Maybe if we're aiming for late game projects put a city cap on it. Example spy satellite requires a minimum of 30+ cities. In which case I'm willing to overlook a 50% damage increase. But still I think it would be easier and more balanced to just lower the extra damage. 50% is extreme dude.
  11. Spy satellite is way too OP. the cost reduction is fine but 50% extra damage? I can sometimes kill off over 120 aircraft with 2 spies. The spy hits will become insane and completely destroy daily rebuys, not that we can't do that already but it'll get real stupid real quick at an extra 50%. Maybe rethink that part, 30% or 25% is probably a better sweet spot for that.
  12. Actually agree, it's kinda dumb I can't max soldiers at 750(maybe closer to 800, just a rough estimate) avg per city but I can max my aircraft out.
  13. Aye longer for you, my nation is only 187 days old, so I guess that's the excuse ?
  14. You misunderstand, it's within the rules to have your nation linked in your forum profile, the mods will also warn people for filter evasion. I'm simply letting him know before they decide to penalize him for such, which would actually help him. Also what's your issue with law enforcement? Do you not agree with the rules here?
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