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  1. While I won't comment on the current debate/discussion (I joined the game after said incident I think?) I would like to ask that you be more respectful and/or tactful. I don't believe insults are necessary. Your more than capable of debating a point without insulting other members in this game. 👍
  2. I've been here for just under a month and you'd be surprised. When I joined I knew of a few alliances from CN however I had no idea what to expect as far as OWF or IC since it has been well over a decade(since playing CN). I post a welcome thread and oh what do you know the first thing that happens is I get labeled for my alliance choice. Just some food for thought buddy, though I fully expect you and your side of the spectrum to disregard my opinion on the sole basis of my AA. SMH.😞
  3. Congrats on achieving peace OFA.👍
  4. Just to add to this apparently I have 20 cities. I mean if you wanna gimme the cities I'm not complaining @Alex but I get the feeling it's just a bug. 😏
  5. Welcome Siward Barn! I am also new, hope you enjoy your stay.👍
  6. It's funny I'm reading this now and this is exactly how Marijuana is turning out over in Canada. Not only is it cheaper to still go to our regular dealers the Mary J is also much better in quality. The only difference is that it's a much bigger crime for the black market dealers to get caught, since now it's a government controlled substance.
  7. Oh that was a joke, uh.. sorry I guess then? No hard feelings, eh?
  8. Is that really necessary to say to a new player that's played the game for literally a day?
  9. Hello I'm new around these parts. Looking forward to learning the game and becoming a part of this community. Also anyone that gets the topic title reference gets a pat on the back. You all have yourselves a wonderful day.
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