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  1. I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THAT MEANS. now if you excuse me, I will be going to bed. sorry for the inconvenience
  2. Also, I want to be “most resnt” (spelt rong on prpos) on all forms so I can be noticed No thank you
  3. I’ll rebuild you... with my fist! ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!
  4. We can’t get along until the “RP is better than this” party gets more members
  5. Already 2 downvoted, I wasn’t trying to make people mad, I just wanted to make some jokes Eh, it’s a figurative declaration
  6. I’m posting cause I feel bad that you don’t have any replies
  7. I want all to see my name as “recent” on all forums, so I’m not here for the alliance stuff, but those pacific dudes seem neat.
  8. I’ve been seeing All the talk on people doing bad, so frock them or not! you never know, don’t you? Those “bad guys” that I refuse to learn the names of, might be nice guys. I will never know, though, I don’t care a flying turtle about Orbis, I’m an RP guy. But I can say that only orbis knows. Anyway, I’ve decided to make the “the RP part of P&W is better than this” party, and as king of P&W, I declare war on Arrgh just because. Have fun on your late turkey day, cause I’m coming to take over this site once and for all. also, I hope New Pacific Order is having a nice day , (insert evil laugh here) I’m tired
  9. 2:35am marked the beginning of the first Chinese National Awards, which will commemorate the Important people of the Chinese United Front. The awards are not only to show support for important people, but it also was started as a propaganda campaign to show that the CUF is more powerful that Japanese Influencers. Many Asian nations have been invited to the occasion. Any that would like to join will be given there own commemorative award. During the awards, the first nuke of the new Xibeian arsenal will be tested in north China’s xinin testing range. The bomb will be detonated on live television and will be a symbol of Chinese strength.
  10. If nobody posts in the next week, I will take that as me becoming #1 admin and taking complete control of NatRP also happy late turkey day
  11. Rp you say? Well, the folks at NatRP would like to meet you!
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