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  1. So how come we can’t kidnap other nations citizens using spy ops? I mean think about it there should be a decrease in revenue due to civil unrest if the hostages aren’t taken home safely.. there would never be a war AGAIN. Orbis would achieve world peace! i call it-> Politics and War Modern Warfare
  2. So I have this idea... I am a very lucky individual. If you all gave me money to play keno with we could profit like never before! Last night I went from 15m to 360m playing keno. Send me trades! My nation is BlackWaterCorporation! 1-5m to enter, I start playing the keno at 50m! help I have an addiction. DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP I DONT HOLD THE MONEY ON ME!
  3. Emperor Jonas is a role model to us all! a fine upstanding individual in our Orbis society...
  4. I want to be the most down voted individual in all of Orbis! Make it happen!!! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
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