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  1. lmao, what AA are yall merging btw? didnt you delete your nation?
  2. actually just TO, and recently TRI. Thats about it
  3. So as I was looking for a Princess I was approached by this loli who wanted to be a Princess so I said "screw it" and boom she became a Princess in TO, I let her decide a new rule for TO which goes as follow "As, the new princess of TO and give unlimited cakes for all. But no bread". So there ya have it gals and gents new Princess yay... Have a good day/night everyone! Signed: Stony (King of TO) TheShadow (Princess)
  4. The first one was a misinformed statement which I gave no approval to post.
  5. After hours of stand-off b/w Empyrea and The Originals, we hereby surrender to the forces of Empyrea and apologize for attacking them. It was our mistake and we stand corrected. From the posting of this, all hostilities b/w us has ceased to exist. No new wars shall be declared. Any ongoing wars might be finished/peaced out/expired depending on the wishes of the members involved. This extends to Empyrea and its allies, as well as us and any of our allies who were involved in the wars. On a more personal note, I myself am extremely sorry for the spam of threads, I never wanted this to happen and feel like we are just exaggerating so please just let me get this post out and ill be on my way to purgatory. Have a great night/day everyone!
  6. Wow I even got my own little throne, it's still warm from when the torches tried to burn it down.
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