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  1. Cool, thanks for reading this and responding
  2. I understand your point but look at my edit, when Alex first implemented the feature food was already undervalued as is it just happens that currently food is really expensive but still doesn't reach the 15m mark
  3. Currently, a credit gives the player 50k food but while higher than ever other resource if still falls back on the value of the actual cred, the current average good price (as of writing this) is $150 when calculated it equals to 50k times 150 = 7.5M. A cred can be exchanged for 15m so in order to balance the huge difference I propose to double the quantity of food per cred to 100k. I understand that you could just redeem it for money and buy food that way but I feel that in order to just match what a cred is worth, this change would really make creds more worthwhile for newcomers Edit: Forgot to mention, back when Alex implemented this feature to creds he intended them to match the 15m price tag on them and that was back when food was really cheap compared to now so this change is kinda long deserved, please criticize me
  4. United Foundations of Orbis (UFO)
  5. Yet another claim without any valid proof/evidence. Smh
  6. lmao, what AA are yall merging btw? didnt you delete your nation?
  7. actually just TO, and recently TRI. Thats about it
  8. So as I was looking for a Princess I was approached by this loli who wanted to be a Princess so I said "screw it" and boom she became a Princess in TO, I let her decide a new rule for TO which goes as follow "As, the new princess of TO and give unlimited cakes for all. But no bread". So there ya have it gals and gents new Princess yay... Have a good day/night everyone! Signed: Stony (King of TO) TheShadow (Princess)
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