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  1. Hello, I am Ant, well referred to as Ant. After a much needed and long break, I've finally decided to return to P&W and have fun in this game and with the people. Idk if you (who are reading this) know why I left, but I let anger and accusations get the best of. I'm sure I've changed and want to recreate my nation solely to have fun, not to cause any offense to anyone who finds it offensive. Please talk to me, get to know >>ME<< :)
  2. I got declared on by about 3 nations, all with declaration reasons pertaining to my pro-confederate status. I got embargoed by one that says the reason was: confederate. I believe I’m being declared on because of OOC reasons.
  3. I’ve seen forums in Discord, just never read them. I’m starting to now. Getting the hang of Forums
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