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  1. Huh, was about to get bored watching from above Vent yourselves off Mighty Gods! ♥
  2. Yeah, as mentioned above by others - Separating the city and the project timer is what I think you should start with however keeping the same cost for both which is 4 credits
  3. Best of luck to all sides fighting, and R.I.P TCW 😎
  4. give Amarr a good enough fight :D( I know there's only 4 of you)
  5. @Nokia Rokia Rest in peace, I always knew you would frick up over and over... and over again
  6. yeah, for achieving what? what's the point? you usually only build the land maximum 2 to 3 times in your entire gameplay..(even if you are fenris) and you never lose the land, the game really needs no more automation at this point(especially this 2-3 ever use kind of automation)
  7. I should probably be replying at the beige removal sudden update, but too many people said what I would lol.. So: 1) Land is very cheap, compared to infrastructure(and doesn't really affect much at some specific point 2) I think it's not a necessity and therefore putting time on this project, while there's 404 things that needs a fix is useless 3) No:P
  8. 1) Blockading someone with additional units traps them and the units located in that nation, for a further defense or a joint attack by your alliance comrades - so yes the ships is a necessity not to lose someone's else units in an attack. And you should realise that every can joint attack/defend, even the single idiot who blockaded you.. 2) during peace time you could be correct, but during war time it would happen a lot and the spy ops would be very successful(as those aren't limited right) e.:x; when you're going to blitz someone Yes, it does leave you open for 1 turn but gives hug
  9. or in the contrary, this could make the black market pointless.. while having much more use
  10. 1) of course - you would be using the units like its yours for the time being, so the upkeep and the expenses of gas and munitions, yes the cost of sending the units would be somewhat a bit higher than sending 60 spies on an espionage operation 2) usable for the nation that received the units and is blockaded, but unusable for the nation that sent them(since the nation that sent the troops, won't be able to receive the units back because of the blockade the receiver is on) so if you intend in returning back the units to your alliance mate and let them rebuild what you could have lost of th
  11. Good question, no nukes and missiles wouldn't be able to be transferred. As for the 1 hour rule 1)when your ally sends you their units your ally would be vulnerable himself 2)the other enemy you want to hit, could be doing the exact same thing.. since joint attacks would be very expected;) 3)as I mentioned, if you're blockaded you wouldn't be able to resend units back to the original nation.
  12. Military Alliance Barracks Project in your Nation A:What is the military alliance barracks project? B:It would be an improvement that allows an alliance nation in your range to deploy their selected units army in your military alliance barracks in aid to your nation(of course, if they also have built the military alliance barracks Project). A:How do I find out if the enemy has joint units in his nation, from his alliance comrades? B: You have to get a successful espionage report, which will show the extra troops from the other nations.(Also read point 8 of the rules of the project) A
  13. yeah, bring back downvotes 😆
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