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  1. What is this crap ? Btw I'm not sure if this is a propaganda to show how nice Camelot or Arthur can be(in the intention of avoiding getting rolled) but.. To be honest, I personally dislike Camelot because of their past behavior and actions and even their current behavior now but in this very rare special case if I were Arthur or Camelot I'd smash you guys to pieces for the way you guys behaved in these conversations no matter the consequences. A thief leader mostly treatied to thief alliances talking about dignity and demanding apologies 😵
  2. You were told, and you were able to vote on the changes on the FORUMS and you even got to test the new updates on the TEST SERVER before they came out live.(I haven't seen any issues with the last updates ONLY bugs that were fixed completely) What rule changes? There wasn't a change in the rules about taking bounties or buying treasures, however Slot Filling was & IS against the game rules but someone was clever enough to report it as such. As for people suggesting changes and updates, you have a section in the forums which is called game suggestions and if your suggestion is good enough players will up vote it and therefore suggesting it to Admin himself.. Having 5-6 players that Alex sees more worthy and listens to them more than the entire players and alliances as mentioned above by others will do nothing except mess the game up!
  3. Congrats and best of luck Error 404!
  4. I'm also breaking the rules by saying this.. But this is a NO discussion form.
  5. Disgusting to see such comments(a few, but still) towards an incredible person like yourself considering your character was and will always be special:) Wish you all the best!
  6. says the one who ran away from his/her alliance, and abandoned the members ?
  7. thanks for clearing my doubts that I never had
  8. If you're going to make a complaint about something, please explain more on the details. How exactly are the 4 year old nations being at higher risk by 'noobs' in trade market? Are you saying people should be playing for 4 years to be able to sell any amount of resources they want to sell? Says the one with an entire special fancy forum profile ?
  9. So a recent one, a naval attack cannot be made upon this nation(It's weird because it works on all other nations) It's similar to the ground attack bug that won't be registered..
  10. This is why we need downvotes back
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