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  1. no bank is 100% safe, but some are trustworthy yes Orion had one of its founding members quit and take his investment out however Sphinx and others made sure investors and loans was not effected by using most of their own cash. You are better off buying cities and land however.
  2. what good are tanks if you have no air, having GC does nothing for that. The whole point of people spamming about improving the war system as right now it takes ZERO skill to win, all you need is more nations/cities and just spam air attacks nothing more, adding a system where something other than planes can kill planes will improve the war system.
  3. Well we added some extra realism to the realistic war mechanics, then how would you use 90% of your planes when they have ground control, controlling your air fields, you would have to pray Sheepy adds Air craft carriers
  4. I agree but would rather see updates on fixing bugs, improving the war system, adding better projects, and improving the game on a whole, than what we have gotten lately, I do not care if someone has made 13 billion in baseball over the last 2 years, if they are doing it without cheating they earned that money I have spammed baseball and omg after an hour i could not longer do it. So many things wrong with the game and so many good improvements can be made but here we are talking about keno, baseball, Dice. and getting updates for things like new winter images, copy nation link. In the last three months the only update the only update I think has improved the game was the updated mobile bar.
  5. I won big 11 or 12 months ago and again in the last few days but you have no idea how much I have spent playing it between then and now, see you hear about the wins as well its enjoyable, but you do not hear of the times I lose billions, sure if Alex added up what I spent and what I won I would be well ahead, but lets not make it out that i only played twice and won big both times lol. I have seen screen shots of people getting Ten numbers on keno but no one hear of it due to them betting like 50k or 100k, I bet 50 MILLION at a time, so when i hit 8 numbers its worth something, but hell I lose billions doing it also. @Alex Baseball has no effect at all on nation politics or war, its just 100% money maker, yes I know you Nerf-ed it a little but people will still make billions of it just slower, Keno is a game of chance, you can win big but hell ask anyone who plays, you can lose big too.
  6. One guy wins 25 billion and
  7. lead as you want others to follow, Disband and join a real alliance you pleb lol
  8. You say we a lot, when they hit her and you then joined in? thats less we imo
  9. Well do not know how much of this is known, but I know Rebekah had taken out what 5 billion in loans, now someone who coupe her alliance has to pay said loans, and Rebekah started a new alliance with most of her old members and hitting those who have a large loan that she abused lol. I do find that funny in a micro way. might add it seems Rebekah is now debt free lol
  10. Do not forget to down vote YET another micro block.
  11. @Alex This seems to be a issue, it seems I can see all VIP visitors but can not see non VIP's nations. so seems a bug as I would not think I should be able to see others visitors.
  12. wrong topic sorry please delete
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