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  1. Elijah Mikaelson

    Changing Beige

    Well, most things are unfair when you are losing am I right?
  2. Elijah Mikaelson

    Changing Beige

    You will never get it to how everyone would want it, there will always be someone who complains and that viewpoint would change depending on if they are winning or losing the war. Let me put it this way, Coalition A vs Coalition B. At the start of the war, Coalition A is winning, they refuse to beige anyone in order to do as much damage as possible, more than likely would vote to have beige removed they are winning. Two weeks later, Coalition B is ripping Coalition A apart, Now Coalition A complains removing Beige is unfair, you can keep someone down forever without any chance of them being able to rebuild. This is how almost every war will go, the winning side is happy to have beige changes so they can get more damage in, the losing side thinks it's unfair. Now if you really want to be fair then its a simple way to do it yet most will not like it, IF you lose a war all your wars end, your attacking wars and defending, you just lost this means your military failed and the second that happens all your tanks, troops, planes and ships should be removed due to that lost. As your wars have all ended you get 24 turns of peace to rebuild what you can before re-entering the war.
  3. To confuse AD milcon, just put a new flag up and they will look for someone else, job done.
  4. Ok this is just nuts, the only person who should be held accountable is the person who sold you the bonds, whoever stole the bank had no agreements with you so you, therefore, should not be able to enforce, that's the same as me saying that if you take a loan from me as a person and fail to pay and delete or whatever then the alliance you are in who are unknowing of the loan should be held accountable. nice VM.
  5. Elijah Mikaelson

    Add seconds on the time stamps

    Talking about the fact when you declare on someone and even tho it shows them inactive for an hour or so they still get ground control before you are able to hit with planes, seems pretty impossible to me that someone can every time, no matter time of day, get ground control before anyone is able to hit with planes? This is not about being able to declare a second after turn change as you can plan for that, it's about the issue that after you hit, the person you are hitting is able to get ground control within a few seconds 2 to 4, way before it takes you to hit with planes.
  6. Elijah Mikaelson

    Add seconds on the time stamps

    During this war, it has come clear some people are using bot's, however, it's hard to prove and most will just try the same old, "I'm just faster than you" however in most cases this is simply to hide the fact they are cheating. So would it be hard to add seconds, 07/18/2019 10:02:01 PM 07/18/2019 10:02:02 pm 07/18/2019 10:02:30 pm So it would look like that above, as let's face it, We know some people are botting but it's impossible to prove at this point but you add seconds on and it will be clear when someone is using a bot. We are all about making the game fair but how is it fair when someone is cheating.
  7. Elijah Mikaelson

    Changes to score calculations -- Need input.

    cool story Mr 34 cities and close to max troops, tanks, planes and ships, I am glad you was able to find someone, but have no fear wont be long before we find you
  8. Elijah Mikaelson

    How long will this war go on for?

    So you know BK is only one alliance out of many on the other side of TGH, not everyone wants to fight for 6 years.
  9. Well thank you, but not sure what hope there is anymore? This is true, but we are still fighting.
  10. Elijah Mikaelson

    How long will this war go on for?

    When do you plan on surrendering?
  11. yet you DM me to explain it? ok then.
  12. How can you claim to tell the truth then lie lol, but I am glad you admitted your upper tier is more than willing to stay out of range and watch everyone else burn, and we are winning this war the only question remains is how long you are willing to let others burn for you? You will never make them understand, they are happy watching people burn for them, face it mate they are happy hugging those pixels instead of helping those they swore to protect and support. I am guessing that's due to the fact you like taking the D? as you disbanded clearly do not enjoy giving it lol
  13. Elijah Mikaelson

    Peace Terms.

    Loot from the nation, Loot from the alliance bank, You get both of these when you win anyway? As you said if they have nothing you can not loot it. Not being able to declare new wars for a period of time, Most who get beige do not declare new wars as it will take them out of beige so again this is already in place. Enforced debt (i.e. a portion of the opponents tax income is taken and handed to the victor until it is paid off), Who is to say how much the debt is, I have fought a lot this war and some have not hit back at all, so what range of debt we looking at, as if you are saying depending on the damage done, then if I hit a 10 city nation and wipe him out then the debt I could put on him would cripple his income for a long time, What I'm trying to say the debt has to be manageable for the one losing, as right now if 6 people all beige one person how long before that is paid off, I personally think this is a bad idea. Not being able to buy military units above a certain percentage for some time, So you will keep people down, seem many large nations get beaten and taken down how hard would it be if they can only buy 80% that's 360 planes off a 20 city nation meaning they can only buy to 1440 planes, making it way to easy to pull and drag and finally keep people down. Forcible conscription of some opposing surviving military units, You know most people who lose a war in these stages have no unit's towards the end or very few, so tell me what would this be worth? Destruction of infrastructure, Again already in place, you can lose up to 10% of your infra when losing a war, not many have infra now? Destruction of improvements (at random, so we can't forcibly choose hangars or power plants). Already have with ground attacks and navy attacks, just these are not as powerful as planes so hardly used only by those with no planes really. In closing the real truth right now is the war system is slacking let's face it everything you said is pretty much already in place the problem is the war system is not right, people using just plane stat should not win wars, Ground units boost planes, planes boost ground, yet what do ships do? http://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=129
  14. Elijah Mikaelson

    Changes to score calculations -- Need input.

    Yet you drop those half those ships, half those tanks and half those men you would most likely be in the range and still be able to take ground control and blockade, but we both know that won't happen, you enjoy the safety of being out of range, just like GoB right now.
  15. Please you are smart enough to know that Fraggle is not looking for a fight, they want to reach a goal of 1000 nukes, Beli knew it was safe to attack please do not tell me otherwise, if he did not care about his infra, he would have sold it and helped you all in this losing battle you find yourselves. Go ahead and hate, most people do hate when the truth is spoken and they do not like it

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