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  1. most of us felt this when they signed New Piss Order
  2. Totally as that worked out well for you guys in CN with NpO, NPO and NSO you will turn on each other when most of your members get a taste of freedom and not forced to be your tax farms
  3. again that's not better than a having a percentage base when NPO 130 nations hit Weebs with 18 nations as if its even 10% NPO has 13 nations and weebs have 1 so good game,.
  4. apart from the what 17 billion made by GPWC and GOONs that was done in what 3 months or less
  5. I do like the last one, think that would be a game changer on this plane only spam if they was to lose tons of planes in ground attacks
  6. but then having is % based would just add more power to an alliance who already out number the ones they hit, such as when NPO hit weebunism you know 130 nations vs 18
  7. how about enforcing them, still see people posting in topics not about them nor giving information about the report
  8. 139,525,000.00 might have to buy you city 16 for the lolz
  9. so the game dies as people want it easy, got it that explains why you all started so late pretty sure Notics or Neko could run goons better
  10. Never understood this need or want for a catch up mechanic, Why should someone who has played 300 days be the same size as someone who has played 1500 days? An alliance the size of GOONs you could easy catch up NPO and BK in avg city count if you did it the right way, and it would not even take you a year. I do not owe BK any money, BK are the ones who claim to be forcing me out of the game, as i said you want your money go to gorge, you want it from me then fight me
  11. is Who me your legal name? if not then how is it slander?
  12. So you are claiming you played baseball for 3,632.5 hours going on 2.5 hours a day lol 7 days a week
  13. First of all I do respect this post and yeah maybe you are right, BK/NPO openly admitted to wanting to force me out of the game so there could be some bias in my reasoning, but if someone i hated cheated and i reported them would I only be doing it due to me hating them or due to them cheating? My point is no matter what side of the fence you like to stand, this baseball game that was not meant to have any impact on the main game has a massive impact, I wonder how many of those clicks generate ad revenue/site-traffic that effects the profit of the site?, As i said let baseball remain but remove the cash that effects the main game and have baseball cash, if you all enjoy baseball that much then why not play it unless you admit and agree the cash made from baseball has a huge effect on the game and is the only reason people spam it?
  14. I had about 12b out in loans before winning 25b and then spent 17 billion on land for memes, then loaned out more cash, so i guess it did not change much. but yes i said way before i won 25 billion that it should have been removed.
  15. Never said Keno was fair, it should have been removed way sooner than it was, it was game breaking, and guess what it was removed? I think baseball should be removed. and not upset, just think its broken and should be removed. or fixed, if people really enjoy playing baseball, then whats stopping them if Alex removed the money part of it, have like baseball money that can only be used on baseball?
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