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  1. Think I am going to start a build build build fund for @Dave III, if anyone wish to donate send me a trade and when we have enough we will build Dave another city, the city cost is 140m I am going to start it off with a 50m donation to the fund of Dave.
  2. Well after reading the last two leaks posted, TE must be feeling great about themselves, @Akuryo has made it very clear the only thing TE is good for is being active in discord everything else an alliance need is brought in by NP. Looking at TE, they have Hodor, Kev, Keegoz, Charlie, Sammuel, Harbinger, Hui, all good players, highlighting my boy charlie the best damn player I have even been in an alliance with. Looking at NP, Sketchy, Solar and General of the Union are good players, I would not say Sketchy is even within the top 10 of good econ govs in the game, good but his growth programs are weak over time and you poached him from TE anyway. Bad parts NP has Akuryo IF anything, I would say TE would have the most talent and the the best alliance, but i love how they are talking about a merge and all Akuyruo can do is shit on TE lol
  3. As Camelot is bigger than Rose would it not be Rose merging in to Camelot
  4. Shifty my friend, when did micros and micro blocks become SNN worthy? are you out of leaks from the bigger alliances ?
  5. Sounds to me you are stealing the bank and running to Arrgh and claiming it be a merger lol
  6. You ordered a ground attack upon the nation of United Canarie Islands led by Denison. The attack was an immense triumph. Your forces lost 748 soldiers and 4 tanks, while Denison's defenders lost 10,875 soldiers and 0 tanks. You used 130.00 tons of munitions and 100.00 tons of gasoline executing the attack. The attack destroyed 79.14 infrastructure in the city of Knights Templar. You stole $41,282.02 in the attack and destroyed 0 improvements. do not seem like we are killing planes?
  7. Still makes it better than the Enlightenment like come on
  8. he is removing the nation score, not the nukes you will still have the nukes and be able to use them I am sure, so why should anything be refunded ?
  9. Two of my wars when i do ground attacks it do not remove res, or maps, planes attacks still do
  10. pretty sure it is the same around the world, but if you do Aprils fools after noon 12:00 you are the fool, as this was posted 26 mins ago it means not a single place in the world was before 12 noon :), as I am sure mikey is no fool, this must be real, Congrats all.
  11. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5049&display=war When did April fools jokes be ok to ignore the rules?, this is clearly slot filling. @Alex war slot filling should not be ok even if a dumb joke
  12. Those are raids not wars lol, soon you will learn to fight im sure
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