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  1. Lol u forgot to roll them out of the game wtf
  2. And this is precisely why TCW is so good!!!
  3. GT Sport!!! Doesn't she look beautiful
  4. In TCW, we get new cars all the time. Here is mine, a McLaren Mp4/4, arguably the most successful F1 car of all time... You are correct. Other alliances get new cars, for example GOONs, who I have given this lola F1 car to. I feel it suits them. It participated in one qualifying session because their title sponsor Mastercard (NPO) made them, failed to qualify within 107% of the fastest set time, and didn't make the race. Then, Mastercard (NPO) withdrew their funding, and Lola went broke, never to make a race again.
  5. Goodbye, and good riddance!
  6. Even though I have no idea what all these history jokes are about, I'm very happy to be defending the purple elephants alongside our new mates!
  7. By going into VM, you are protecting the bank that you have already stolen
  8. I wanna downvote but I can't
  9. I did not spread the false news that our bloc was called Formula One (F1) bloc and then get in trouble for doing so, for you to rename it to "Cock Bloc" Epi!
  10. Sphinxy did take issue with it. We all did. I've already stated this. If we were so contempt with it, then why did you begin completing isolating TCW? (signing into a bloc behind our back, ensuring Sphinxy had little to do with peace negotiations because he actually wanted peace, I can go on.) And sure, we've seen the logs, but in all fairness what was he going to do to stop IQ at that point? He had no support from other alliances. It would be political suicide to call you out on your garbage whilst you possess the most powerful coalition in the game. I want to point out that your "inconvenience" argument which you have repeatedly brought up makes no sense. The convenient thing for TCW to do would be to continue perma-warring coalition A. What we're doing now is an inconvenience, but a necessity that had to be undertaken for the good of the game. No, I'm not telling you that of our actions have been moral from the start of the war, its obvious they have been far from that. However, the fact is that we realised who the true enemy was long ago, and we took the appropriate steps necessary to attempt to stand up for ourselves. Playing the victim card after purposefully rolling a good portion of people out of the game is peak delusion. Some serious 4D chess is going on there. The "opportunity to shine" is also pretty hilarious, when I think of 'shining' I don't think of parma-warring people on a nation-sim browser game. They've all been surrendered for months - I'd safely call that pretty chill. You're just intent on killing the game. Cranky Camelot!! Image removed. A warning was issued for Filter Evasion.
  11. Roq, your ability to make up garbage and constantly act like a wanker never ceases to amaze me. We do hate Col B because of moral stuff, but I wouldn't expect you to understand morals - You've made it perfectly clear by your actions that morals are beyond your comprehension. Sure, we hate certain alliances, GOONs being a prime example. However let's not pretend its just GOONs - We hate your garbage agenda that's killing the game that so many used to enjoy, and for that we hate BK/NPO and all those who are complacent with you rolling people out of the game. Believe it or not mate, after rolling other players, many of which including our friends, for over 6 months and in return having to deal with your incessant lying, coming up with a new excuse every single time we asked you to peace out with Col A, we kind of got sick of your shit. We were strung along and along, promised a peace deal that would never come. Evidently, this had been brewing for a long time. And no, mate, we don't hug pixels - Which is a pretty awful statement considering we fought alongside you for over half a year. We got rolled for almost a month at the beginning, yet we retained our membership and rebuilt into a proper fighting force that has had a substantial impact on the war. The pixel hugger argument is void when you send us to do your dirty work for the entire length of the war. So, cheers for killing the game, you're a complete tool.
  12. Alliance of the Year: TCW Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: TCW Best Fighters: TKR Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: TCW Most Active Alliance: GOONS Best Government Line-Up: TCW Best Rookie Alliance: North Point Most Honorable: TCW Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: TCW Best Forums: TKR Best Discord: TCW Best Alliance Page: TCW Most Controversial Alliance: GOONS Best Alliance for New Players: TCW Best Economic System: NPO Most Missed Alliance from 2019: Sirius Best Re-brand: Carthago Scariest Alliance: NPO Best Alliance Ad: Arrgh
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