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  1. Skepta

    I has radio show too

    The show is good but I can't talk in Morrowind public chat, Matthew please fix this error
  2. Skepta

    Live Today, Love Tomorrow

    My condolences (I'm joking, good luck with this one Sean)
  3. Skepta

    This is a brave new world we're living in

    Precisely. I don't want to be rude to Alyster here, but I don't see why a new forums post was needed at all for anything stated here. I feel that its just more evidence of how stale and frankly boring the forums have become during this war - both sides bash each other with the same arguments, and we get nowhere. As proof of this, this topic has derailed into a conversation about the USSR, which has frankly been more interesting (imo) than most conversations on here during the war.
  4. Skepta

    European States withdraw

    Fair enough mate. My apologies, I thought they were being sarcastic and thus I called them out, but turns out genuinely no-one knew who they were.
  5. Skepta

    European States withdraw

    Interesting to see members of KERCHTOGG shit talk a micro who fought alongside them after they've been so nice to the micros on our side... Best of luck with the rebuild ES.
  6. Skepta

    The Axis Accord Withdraws

    As funny as the memes are, these things happen, mistakes were made. But this is why I like micros, they never fail to entertain!
  7. Skepta

    So a few people have been asking

    Haha I wasn't aware! Happy fighting mate
  8. Skepta

    So a few people have been asking

    If the rest of your alliance is beating TCW, you are hands down the MVP. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=460167 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=460170
  9. Skepta

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

  10. Skepta

    Declaration of War

    Oh good, the shit talk is back to keep us all entertained 😃
  11. Skepta

    Declaration of War

    Yeah, this is cool and all, but is discord down? How can I coordinate my utter failures without it?
  12. Skepta

    Declaration of War

    Ok Chad (And no, I'm not saying it isn't a "beta" move, just a joke!)
  13. Skepta


    I'm downvoting coz of the ping (and I expect a subsequent apology for the ping)

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