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  1. Im sorry to hear. Have strength. I pray for you and your family.
  2. Lol I have my head up my ass at the moment, don't mind me.
  3. Dont tempt me to flush you down. @Will
  4. Thanks to Nova for welcoming me in, I have enjoyed it there every second, every people, every meme, laugh, chat it's been a good time. Thanks you @Uriah 'the Fox' and Thank you all at Nova. Its been a honour (and that's tough for a Spanish man to say)
  5. I'm not leaving, but I will be away for a month or so. I have important, life-changing examinations which I need to sacrifice the things I enjoy most like Politics and War to be 100% focused. I only wanted to post this message in case someone needed to message me on discord where, I may or may not respond. Hence, I have also put my nation on Vacation Mode. It will be a very stressful period for me but when I'm back I'll be the same me, back to full Spanish colonisation, where I would have to spend 2 days reading all the pings on discord. I know someone would do it, but don't spam me, look at my face ----> you can not spam that face. And also I would have bossed those exams not because I'm smart, but if I fail, my mum would give me a beating (lol jk) Help me.... But like I said ill need my 100% in those exams as the English GCSE Specification is ? and rather difficult, but nothing I can not handle Thank You - Jason (Chico) Escolano
  6. @Biel Lo siento por todo lo que está sucediendo en Venezuela, lo escucho todos los días en las noticias de españa, y es triste y me duele mucho, porque los españoles y los latinoamericanos nos tratamos como hermanos y primos. Espero que recibas tu merecido tratamiento y estoy seguro de que, como nación, volverás con fuerza, valor y lucha contra el mal. Espero que te mejores pronto Biel ❤️??
  7. im not buzzing to this news at all. beehave yourself lol
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