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  1. Randomdud


    My pixelhugger senses are tingling! Also, this does not belong in alliance affairs. Post in national affairs
  2. A anime girl not surprised of what’s happening or tired
  3. Do you accept a half eaten slice of pizza and spare change? P.S good luck on that new AA
  4. Can’t wait to see the new updates!
  5. These seem great, can’t wait to see them!
  6. Sad, but admirable. Good luck on future endeavors dude. No AA leader should experience a decline of their AA like this. Take care and have fun.
  7. smh more commies? it’s just like ‘nam! Seriously, Good luck and warm wishes!
  8. Dear, The Godfather Please stop pinging all of us in discord, thank you very much! Sincerely, Literally all of Orbis. P.S We don’t like your meme.
  9. all these weebs. ”THERE GONNA “BAKA” YOU!”
  10. Good luck to both party’s. Hopefully both prosper.
  11. Cubs can take massive L’s and eat goats and fail to win for another world series for a century for all i care (the baseball team) Otherwise, i hope all party’s can find a solution or compromise and maybe dusty could get the 100 mil back
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