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  1. So with the knee jerk removal of beige, there is no longer any way to rebuild your military because you can be perma blockaded. If you do not create ALL the resources for keeping a military (muns, gas, steel, alum) [which is a literal impossibility due to the continent system] the first striker will typically win unless the defender is SUPREMELY more coordinated. How do you think anyone can 'rebuild' and fight a war if they cannot receive resources from the alliance bank, Trade system, or produce them? I agree with most here, You should have had an alternative ready to go before you rolled out an update that has the ability to FORCE PEOPLE TO QUIT THE GAME until your next update to the system (which could be anywhere from today to never). I believe most players will admit that if you were blockaded for months straight, with no reprieve, no bank, no money, no trading, no changing improvements (because now you have more improvements than available to your cities cause infra loss) There isn't even a point to logging in to play the game, it'd be time to move on to a new game. The system may not have been working as you initially intended, but that doesn't mean it needs removal without replacement. A simple games rule change would have literally solved this issue (which you did) that you claim is "abused". Another major thing i noted is one thing you said in your piece: "Furthermore, for far too long the "beige" mechanic has left perverse incentives in war, such as not wanting to complete a war"... The removal of beige literally enables what you, personally, complained about people abusing Alex. Edit: added a reference that producing all resources is impossible if blockaded due to continent system
  2. The Wizard walked along the dirt road, heading towards exile. His home taken from him, left with no home, His life is empty now. As he walked he glanced up and the sun beat heavily onto his path. The gleam in the distance revealing a long dilapidated Citadel. “A perfect home for me. A ruined citadel to sit in and never be disturbed again. A place for me to be alone.” The Wizard gave a grave smile. “You’re not alone” A voice called from behind him. A friend from before, leading a raggedy band of fellows, all of whom followed after the Wizard. The Wizard laughed heartily and smiled. “This will be our new home Wizard. From here we will build a glorious Empire with you to lead us.” The Man spoke with confidence. “I am no leader, I never have been. I’ve always been just the Wizard. If you want to found the Empire, you deserve to lead as they follow you. I will stand by your side and watch over you as I always have.” The Wizard smiled, no longer alone. “You will stand by us as my second and as a family member then.” The Leader nodded. The Wizard offered his hand and smiled. “Then study well these words. Arcana Artis Honoris. They shall be this family’s motto and may we always be true to it” The Leader shook the Wizards hand, “What does it mean?” “The Mysterious Art of Honor.” The Wizard spoke, grinning ear to ear as the Citadel grew alight with magic becoming their new home. Goomyman and Ridcully are proud to announce to Orbis the existence of the Wizard's Citadel alliance. We look forward to dealing with you all in the future. Long may we all prosper together. Leader(Archmage): Goomyman 2IC(Archwizard): Ridcully
  3. Actually the reason he intervened is because a long time ago it was said somewhere that if there is an alliance with no leadership (IE: No heirs/Leaders or ALL Heirs/Leaders are Vacation Mode) you can request him to intervene and he will promote the next person up. Those are the DM some sent and probably had no response from Alex. However there were two OTHER messages sent. "Sheepy, what can we do if an alliance member performs a coup and then enters Vacation Mode immediately after demoting all heirs?" and "I am Ridcully of Arcania of Pantheon. I messaged you on Discord as well. We had a coup that occurred in the government and they demoted all heirs and then entered Vacation Mode. I am aware that you cannot leave VM early. Is there any way to promote me to Leader while they are in Vacation mode to prevent the collapse of the alliance or is VM Couping considered a legitimate tactic in the eyes of the Game to collapse an alliance? Thanks for your time and consideration, Ridcully" Read and remember the rules. Sometimes they work in your favor.
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