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    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Actually the reason he intervened is because a long time ago it was said somewhere that if there is an alliance with no leadership (IE: No heirs/Leaders or ALL Heirs/Leaders are Vacation Mode) you can request him to intervene and he will promote the next person up. Those are the DM some sent and probably had no response from Alex. However there were two OTHER messages sent. "Sheepy, what can we do if an alliance member performs a coup and then enters Vacation Mode immediately after demoting all heirs?" and "I am Ridcully of Arcania of Pantheon. I messaged you on Discord as well. We had a coup that occurred in the government and they demoted all heirs and then entered Vacation Mode. I am aware that you cannot leave VM early. Is there any way to promote me to Leader while they are in Vacation mode to prevent the collapse of the alliance or is VM Couping considered a legitimate tactic in the eyes of the Game to collapse an alliance? Thanks for your time and consideration, Ridcully" Read and remember the rules. Sometimes they work in your favor.

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