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  1. Lol its okay, you got declared on by a guy and now you're upset about it. Happens to all of us tbh, I just think the 2 "Multis" you picked are weak arguments, if ur only going off name you should at least get any other info. I mean look at it lol, they have barley a common name right, unique IDs, no trades between the two. I can keep going, but It's okay, ur just salty you're losing a war Its okay, we feel ya, maybe don't accuse people of multi use next time tho.
  2. After chatting with some of the Nova gov it has become clear that the people receiving money didn't know where it came from, however I find it impossible for government especially econ gov to not notice where this money was coming from. Especially when they gave billions of dollars away. I think that at least some of the gov was guilty, especially poo bear and north 14 should be looked into more, as for the people who got money from this, I don't think it is unreasonable to take away everything they gained from it. Otherwise it is unfair for an alliance to gain billions in cities and stuff. Clearly this exploit was abused by at least 1 person, but I can't help but find it hard to believe that this person would deposit this money into the bank without being told to do so. Does that seem strange to anyone else?
  3. Lol alright guys, Imma stop this now before this gets ugly, we appreciate the defense. It's okay to have your own opinion as long as you don't hurt anyone, and tbh words don't really bother us so y'all can keep going with the childish insults, they only make you look unprofessional. Again I appreciate the defense but it isn't really needed, just let them have their little temper tantrum or whatever. Thanks!
  4. FR CoH Protection Agreement Article I Protection Frontier Records hereby agrees to protect Code of Honor from any external military threats or attacks be it through financial aid or military assistance. Article II Sovereignty Both parties agree to respect each other's sovereignty aside from individual encouragement when regarding external entities within Orbis Article III Mutual Prosperity Both parties agree to exercise a policy of mutual cooperation and prosperity. Both parties also agree to share financial, military and political information if beneficial to the other. Article IV Cancellation Should one or both parties decide to withdraw from this agreement, a 72 hour notice should be given. CoH Signatures: Commander - Archduke Jon The Council Council Member - Kru Council Member - slw122 Council Member - NinjamasterX Ministers Minister of Foreign Affairs - slw122 Minister of Internal Affairs - Misho Minister of Economics - NinjamasterX Frontier Records Signatures: Board of Directors - Alexio, DemonSpawn COO - Filmore Managers Public Relations Managers - Fulcrum, Nick McScott Human Resource Managers - Lucifer Morningstar Security Managers - Luviel Finance Managers - Wood
  5. Was talking about the name thing, that because the name is the same you guys automatically get bad rep.
  6. No offense, but thats kinda the issue, i think we have talked about dis tho
  7. Y the caps dawg? also its Cthulhu not Cthulu, and he was in your server, stupidness isn't a word (It's stupidity) , and also although your alliance isn't Nazi themed, your leader sets the precedent for how you look to rest of Orbis. It may not mean you're a Nazi but it makes you look like one, and I assume you are a great person, but a few bad apple spoil the bunch, and it would suck to see your talents go to waste on an alliance that is seen to the rest of the world as Nazi sympathizers. I would love to take those history lessons in order to prove me wrong. P.S: I'm a big fan of HoI4 and often use the Kaiserreich mod, we should play sometime.
  8. So I guess you can't be named Thomas Jefferson either, because he had many slaves, and the would be insensitive. While your at it you could ban naming of and man who owned slaves, or just let people be named whatever they want to be named and stop getting worked up over an in game name. But I don't know, I'm just a person on the internet. You could also add George Washington on that list because he killed many native Americans,the fact of the matter is that it's just a name, it wasn't some personal attack or a push of a racist agenda. He just wanted to name himself something, and i believe the fact that you would claim that a name is racist to be plain wrong.
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