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  1. Everytime GOONS posts on the forums take a shot.
  2. Doesn't NPO not let you guys talk to people?
  3. Minesome, didn’t you pull out of this fight, how can they surrender to people who weren’t even fighting?
  4. And thats the real tea sis. But it all seriousness there better be a damn good reason we can’t raid her. I mean seriously, y’all can’t defend her anyways, unless me raiding her will cause the doomsday clock to strike 12, I’m gonna fricking raid her all I want, if you wanna protect her so bad you shoulda kept her as your leader
  5. Huh I guess someone did get fired for this blunder
  6. See this is why alex made the “Leave Alliance” button
  7. Ik from experience that tO’s leader likes to have lots of “fun” at others’ expense with blatant disregard on how it will effect them and TO. I doubt she really even cares about her alliance that much considering what she’s doing to it.
  8. Boy I sure hope someone was fired for this blunder.
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