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  1. ShadyAssassin

    Wasn't that a party?

  2. ShadyAssassin

    OFA surrender

    2 weeks before bk blitzes ofa
  3. ShadyAssassin

    Achievement Suggestion Masterlist

    Reported for not having [] Achievement: Fast and Furious Criteria: Build x cities in a single day
  4. ShadyAssassin

    SNN-Round Table Pizza for Dinner

    Teach me to do stuff in phone.
  5. ShadyAssassin

    SNN-Round Table Pizza for Dinner

    The new SNN strikes again kek @James T. Kirk pow!
  6. ShadyAssassin


    Water to grow food?
  7. ShadyAssassin

    [Bloc] Citadel

  8. ShadyAssassin

    Self reflection and loss, a thank you to Orbis.

    Hope you do well with your life. Deepest condolences and no, we will hit you harder 😛
  9. ShadyAssassin

    Roses are red, diamonds are blue, Vanguard has been couped :p

    Panzer will VM right after he gets rolled in the global
  10. First koality post from Sri
  11. ShadyAssassin

    This is a brave new world we're living in

    Lmao. I like how none of the smol micro prots BK is trying to help showed up in this dissscussion
  12. ShadyAssassin

    [DoE] Its Micro Time!

    you know what, you could have made this DoE when you did the DoW. Would have been more dynamic.
  13. ShadyAssassin

    (RoH) Soooo ya some issues lol

    Waiting for inst to come explain this thread
  14. ShadyAssassin

    [DOE] The Holy Grail

    3 days

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