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  1. The war would have been over in a month then lol
  2. Fish is something rarely available here *sob*
  3. Hello, I'm not a ketog leader. I'm not even a member of Empyrea. I'm just there to ghost and be bank rolled.
  4. Thank you. I'm also right about the perma-war.You dont win a war till all participants peace out.
  5. I'm not joking.......This war continues till individuals decide it's over.........*gpwc flashback* *wink wink* This is why I wont be surrendering basically. You will never win the war. I'm ready to drag it out of months till you get hit again since you know every global will be people hanging on IQ now. From what our coalition leaders are saying, I know the war is taking a toll. BUT the current war must go on till IQ surrenders. White peace isnt an option here.
  6. Well, just tell what the terms are. If you are confident of your victory, just go out and blast them on the nearest loudspeaker. And although I agree we should hit IQ en masse later on again and again and again, that doesnt mean they wont be long wars. So let's continue this war- make it the last war ever fought on Orbis.
  7. Hey, that sounds like BK/NPO
  8. I shall save this for post-war. Only way to battle bs is bs. And having people from IQ on forums is a treasure trove of it
  9. Ah Goons should now surrender to ET. Then the circle of life will be complete.
  10. When did Empyrea ghost GPWC?
  11. I get the first surrender approach of NPO here. They have two sets of terms-one where we surrender and the other where we dont
  12. Off topic but Boris now has exactly 69 upvotes @Alex pls remove people's ability to upvote or downvote Boris pls
  13. VM for 6 months more and come back then
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