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  1. Would like to see evidence or confirmation from someone of HW Hicomm if that is so.
  2. Goodbye, Max Gonna miss our old times in IronFront ❤️
  3. You always approve cats don't you? Pancakes are better than waffles, FYI
  4. “Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so.”?
  5. Sorry to say but this is a real mess it gives me a headache if i look at this
  6. Maybe in the future maybe not we shall see
  7. I've already eaten 5 nukes in my hole Pnw career
  8. Bruh you just declared war on WTF Lmao and now this? You don't know what you want do you?
  9. Totally Not that's why you like c.ocks because of the ''Cumalot'' that you get there ?
  10. Cmon its not even interesting to look at it Its just being lazy to type a Story for it to make it interesting
  11. Just that? Lol just keeping it simple Lmao not a hole Story no just simple ''The League of Allied Powers Hereby declares war on The Underground'' ??
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