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  1. Well, I figured in this political climate, it was time to make a statement lmao Should've memed me anyways And to think I made this post for my own enjoyment That $30m will help us fund the grants that we only give for city 2!!! I agree it was kind of like beating a dead horse Duly noted $30m and I'll delete this topic asap
  2. Thanks, I appreciate it I figured you were, I was playing along just to be a good sport
  3. I've got 1 share in Micro Alliance Fund. Take it or leave it! fasted demote I've ever done in my life. see you in the space version of Valhalla I'm not too sure either. I'm assuming that they get it, but it was a shit joke😅
  4. I'll give you all of the shares I own in shitty banks, pls don't hurt my family If you can figure that out it'd be great, I've been meaning to delete this game
  5. Time to reroll, brb We're crazy I tell you
  6. Can't help it We surrendered anyways and had to pay them the $30m 😕
  7. Aurora hereby forces The Golden Pheonix Coalition and The Center for Offbeat Powers to pay Aurora $30m each or merge!!!!!!! TL;DR Calm down #70 Edit: When you get shit on harder than Deulos did >>>>>>>>>>
  8. T$ is literally out of this world by investing in Aurora
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