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  1. YawningOwl

    The Boris Wars Volume 2 ft. IronFront

    Dont worry about that. Your discord is fine.You got kicked only.
  2. YawningOwl

    Problem Solution Chart 2019

    The soup is so hot.
  3. YawningOwl

    Remove war

    I think its not the game going to the wrong direction. It's you are playing the wrong game. Go search Happy Farm, FarmVille, Restaurant City. Those type of game has no wars, only keeps making money, then grows bigger, making money again, buy and build ..... so on. You can also sell your stuff out and make more money! Visit your friend's farm and steal their apples! HAHA! So much fun. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. YawningOwl

    Join the Soup Kitchen!

    There are pretty girls like HannaH and Kitschie. So I joined. Internet girls are realllllll.
  5. First status in here.
    I bought new cities. I am broke. I have no bones!
    I need no grants and loans. I save up on my own.







    Call me, sugar daddies.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. YawningOwl


      Never look back what I said.I know my life full of mistakes XD

    3. Samuel Bates

      Samuel Bates

      Atleast you’ve posted a status

    4. YawningOwl


      I knew this would summon you out

  6. YawningOwl

    Chaos sphere is the worse sphere

    The Soup is Hot.
  7. YawningOwl

    Rundown Request

    The Soup got hot Soooo hot :>
  8. YawningOwl

    DoE - the 4th Golden Phoenix Coalition

    So annoying XD
  9. YawningOwl

    DoE - the 4th Golden Phoenix Coalition

  10. YawningOwl

    DoE - the 4th Golden Phoenix Coalition

    Awww finally got people notice XD
  11. YawningOwl

    DoE - the 4th Golden Phoenix Coalition

    Sounds like anti-vegan XD
  12. YawningOwl

    DoE - the 4th Golden Phoenix Coalition

    那些吃白菜的人必须得到最严厉的惩罚,因为所有吃鸡蛋的人都是优越的。 "Those people who eat cabbage must be punished in the hardest way. Because those people who eat eggs are superior." :/ what am I reading
  13. YawningOwl

    The Soup is Hot

  14. Hello P&W, I am looking for a one-month contract in different alliance. I have joined this game for almost half year. Started in a micro called Eastasia , then merged into Rough Rider and started my IA gov life, smoothly moved on to Frontier Records as a HR manager. And now here I am. Looking for more experience in IA gov and hoping some of you will be interested in me. (Not excluded the possibility of extended contract) My time zone is in Asia, active 17 hours a day. I LOVE EXCEL.

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