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  1. Plus, as the linked you sent mentioned. Using "self-destruct" is not accurate at all. "Self-destruct" this word is having "take the initiative to destroy yourself first, then bring others to suffer" as presupposition. But what inside the wiki is the one who got destroyed will be punished with the perpetrator. I guess you need to get a class for critical thinking and liberal study.
  2. I have no clue about why you think our goal is bringing the PLA to HK. Thats never our plan, just if they do, we dont care and we sure she wont. Our goal for China is only one thing, China works on her own promise "The Sino–British Joint Declaration". In some operations, we aimed for encourage US parliament pass the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act" and hoping US will withdraw "United States–Hong Kong Policy Act " as sanction on HK and China at the same time. Thats what we really did for "攬炒".
  3. gosh, your language teacher must be so sad when he saw your translation. thats what "攬炒" this word really mean in English
  4. Finally understand why some people would cry when they sing national anthem

  5. @InstSounds like a pro-China dude.And I dont have the same perspective with you on China Economy. But thats fine. I am not talking about money. Thats is about your conscience of being a human. If there is no human right, there is no human anymore.
  6. FAKE WITHDRAW Time for me to do some update 1. Carrie Lam aka HKEC had a press con today. she was saying "withdraw the bill" 2. Thats totally a lie for distracting the world focus. And China wants her to finish the chaos before 1 of October aka China's birthday. 3. why is it a lie? CarrieLam wasnt use her title to withdraw the bill. She just passed whole thing as a topic to the parliament. (Are we going to withdraw?) and let the councilors vote. Inside the parliament there are over 2/3 of councilors are pro-China. So thats a predictable result of the bill will not be withdraw. 4. Whats the different of "withdraw" than "the bill is dead / pause"? Inside the parliament instruction, there is only one lawfully accepted word "withdraw". Once the case has been withdraw, anyone tries to bring out again will be needed to start from the beginning (hand-in proposal >ask public opinions>get stat>past through different departments >first read>second read> some more fine tune then sign the bill). If it is pause in stead of withdraw , she can start from the current stage of the case (extradition bill is on the second read process,which is very close to the end game). 5. Thats why, please stay still with HK. Hopefully, the (Hong Kong human rights and democracy act) will be passed in US parliament. thats benefit for both side. Please share/retweet any post about this and hashtag #FakeWithdraw. I need to see this on all of the tmr headlines <3 Thank you guys support me for so long and keep update with me. Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times. 5 demands, No one less.
  7. When you have family relatives there and they used the fake news ,keeps spinning the truth to maintain the party. You wont say the same. Use big heart on Chinese you will only getting hurt. There is A LOT people enjoying fake sleep.They truly knew Xi killed 30000 people per year. And they would betray friends and families for getting a short time of peace. They yelled and shouted China's food is the best, the safest. Then they come to HK to buy all of our formula milk powder, skin care, medicines. They hate Japanese killed 20000000 Chinese in WWII. But they refused to admit Mao killed 80000000 Chinese and hooked with Japan during WWII. They said they hate Westerns.Then they immigrated to America, Canada, Australia~no matter in legal and illegal ways. Nothing happened on 8964 Look at the Chinese history, you will see the map of China didnt really getting bigger the whole time. It just divided in different dynasty. Chinese beating Chinese. Not surprised. And so do HK. Thank you Sun Yat-Sen and British lighten up our eyes. I am not trying to say they are lower level human stuff like that. All of us are equal. I just try to bring out a point that Chinese people are awake, and they choose to be act like asleep.If people made up their mind to be caged, other people having nothing can do but mourn.
  8. You cant wake up a person who act sleep. Thats "regular people in China".
  9. Yup. Just for you daddy. I have Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German etc~ Welcome to DM me on discord for other language :3 There is a meme in Taiwan. A Taiwan guy heard about PLA is coming when he is 12yrs old. And now he is 40. PLA still preparing. They must be a very well prepare army :3
  10. @Big Brother China is a country under dictatorship. Commies or not, I don’t care. But no one need a dictator leader. To be honest, Hong Kongers are looking forward for PLA to come.If PLA really come, HKers will just go back home and have a good sleep. There is no point to fight with the PLA. Extradition Bill is a political problem, it must be solved in a political way. Besides, the PLA won’t stay forever, when they are gone, we will come out again. Thats what wildcats are. HongKongers are well-known in Asia as the most difficult, trouble, hard to handle Asians lmao Seems like you might have studied a lot about China’s econ. Do you know they just borrow $400,000,000,000 USD cash from Hong Kong? Too mant zero I don’t even know how to say this in English XD Aint they so rich? Aint they saying without China,HK will die? Why they need us now? Aint they going to win the trade war with US? IDK, you tell me :3 If PLA really come, Hk’s econ will ground 0. We will no longer be an international city.Bankers, worldwide co will move away. Oh plus, Hong Kong will no longer the back door for China having busniess with Iraq, North Korea, and products go through HK to US for avoiding the trade tax, etc. Having army come and take over is easy, but will they scarcity this special duck who lay golden eggs just for a night/ a week / a month of silents? We highly doubt that but still looking forward if they come. Senior HKers are so poor that they only have money. For young age, we don’t even have money. We started our life with no hope anyways. So we got nothing to lose on this either We sat and sang = we got tear gas and rubber bullets at the end. We matched and stayed = we got tear gas, rubber bullets, sponge bullets, bean bag guns We strike, you said we are “wrong to seek to punish average working men and women for the acts of their corrupt and authoritarian governments”. REALLY? First, striking is everyone own choice, no one ever force anyone to do it. Second, we announced to strike more than a week. People who really need to work must have enough time to prepare on the action day. Plus, having a week for the gov to think how to stop people strike and we still success. Is it really just a small group of “no stake” people in the society can do? We have lost 6 martyr. A first aid nurse’s eye got blasted by bean bag gun. At least 601 people got arrest by political reasons. 44 of them charged in RIOT. 13 of them under 21years old. Facing a 10 years penalty. WHAT THE HECK DID THEY DO FOR FITTING IN RIOT? This is a revolution. Freedom, Democracy , Human rights. Forget about your political stands/ Econ stands. This is a call of your conscience. Liberate Hong Kong. The revolution of our times.
  11. Time for me to do some update. We have better method to solved that. The one he throw at the end has been put out already
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