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  1. Sorry... I wasn't aware that it was still 2019? Planes are not remotely OP. If you actually compare casualty rates from air vs. ground attacks its pretty evident where the balance is: - ground attacks kill tanks more efficiently then airstriking them (additionally you are also killing soldiers / planes in the process - so both in terms of casualties and cost value, ground attack is significantly more efficient then air) - a direct air > air dogfight will kill more planes but the flipside of this is ground attacks can be chained for less MAP and create a snowball effect to wipe out planes (with the added bonus of no casualty losses to your own planes) Anyway... back to the OP. Aside from the obvious casualty rates, one of the biggest problems imo is that the current ground control system actively discourages rebuilding where there is a tier imbalance - i.e. why rebuild planes if they are just going to get blown up through ground attacks, and then the logical thought process is why rebuild tanks etc. etc. The problem is further exacerbated by the current geopolitics - i.e. heavy concentration of lower cities in certain blocs which have generally been aligned in their interests, and the heavy concentration of whale tier elsewhere. Obviously thats not going to be fixed through war mechanics but imo a war system which encourages active fighting when at a disadvantage is preferable to one which encourages people to say **** it forget rebuilding and lets just burn infra instead.
  2. Did you actually get baited from a copypasta?
  3. Well... Swamp / Oasis did flat out deny it.
  4. Has it occurred to you that the reason why people don’t want to give you information or post on the forums is because of the f***ing incessant posting of threads? You took an offhand comment from Ronny and have posted how many threads (?) twisting that to suit your narrative and repeating the same argument over and over and over again. Its tiresome and repetitive. As I’m sure you’ve been advised by multiple people at this point, please do yourself a favour and take a break from posting on the forums for a while.
  5. Hrmm, here's a completely off the wall / radical suggestion: how about ground control restricts opponent to using 2/3rds planes. Ya know, instead of tanks killing planes... 🤔
  6. Bruh. You just blew $25bn that could have been used as WC, sooo congrats I guess? What happened to "Arrgh are going to surrender and take out loans"? 😂
  7. Eh... I think you're giving them too much credit. The impression I get is that swamp actually believes they are accomplishing something. The reality is Swamp is utterly ignorant of how piracy/arrgh works, as evidenced multiple times in this thread. Damage stats are currently: $4,545,804,884.07 vs $25,524,539,178.83, which is approx. a 5.61x damage ratio in favour of Arrgh - for comparison Arrgh vs. TKR was roughly even. Leaving aside the flawed premise of the plan, the execution itself has been absolutely woeful.
  8. TIL was at war with TCW... But seriously please edit, this is extremely offensive - my damage ratios are way better than swamps 😢
  9. Also suggestion to some of the swamp members in this thread: before calling pirates 'retarded' and other such delightful ad hominems - maybe ye of such high IQ might want to consider actually learning how piracy works first. Maybe then you might understand that a pirates rebuild costs are virtually non-existent - a months worth of pirate level infra can be easily covered in a single inactive raid, rebuy of soldiers/missiles is a single ground attack or login bonus. But otherwise, please do continue telling arrgh how they are idiots who don't understand how piracy works 😂
  10. Lmfao. The dude who thinks pirates takes out loans.... calling Ripper ignorant of how piracy works? .... 😂
  11. Yeah, no. Been tried plenty a time. Most recently by NPO/Goons, who couldn't accomplish it even with GPWC money printing. Subjecting yourself to an attrition war with arrgh while the rest of the treaty web is chilling / infra printing money, yeahh.... big IQ stuff. No offense.
  12. Uh yes? Pretty much since the changes were introduced. Last war even swamp/hedge were saying the new mechanics were ridiculous as they were steamrolling TCW planes into dust.
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