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  1. So is this some hidden way to say you are hiding your problems? Just a thought that came into my mind, so i had to ask the soup experts.
  2. So guys, i found out that the second German Empire is Nazi today, look at their motto. (in 1871 nonetheless, truly ahead of their time)
  3. Great as always Josh, what can i say except for: "That's hot"
  4. I will be disappointed if your anthem isn't going to be "Die Wacht am Rhein", considering the Kaiserreich theme from Hoi4
  5. @Zevfer I figured i'd be seeing you in this thread, always on the lookout for potential talent. I'm sure the line about excel peeked your interest ? Active 17 hours a day is impressive, i must say.
  6. The old Sovereign is dead, long live the Sovereign. Thanks Dynamic for your great leadership, and good luck to Zevfer for the future.
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