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  1. iljohn

    Peace for DEIC

    I agree it seems most of the upper tier was beige due to nukes this war while the lower was actually due to ground battles
  2. iljohn

    Peace for Brotherhood of Clouds

    Brotherhood of the Clouds agrees to pay $50million to Seven Kingdoms, and $50million to The Syndicate, as reparation for damages done. man now i fill sad for SK they clearly got screwed over in this deal they clearly should have got 75mil out of this and Syndicate only get 25mil since you know SK took most of our alliance and well Syndicate got hit by 4members :|
  3. iljohn

    Predictions for November

    13. And it will be my birthday yea EDIT: login my account for the first time in 7 months just for this post
  4. iljohn

    War Talk

    Well I was for peace from this war. But its obvious we needed a another major war. its been what 1-2 months since the last and I must say that cant be good for anybody.
  5. iljohn

    [Fixed] Killing Spies does not kill spies

    maybe one of your spies hit the wrong person and it turned out to just be a government official
  6. iljohn

    Announcement from BoC's Foreign Ministry

    tell me about it I fill a little left out
  7. iljohn

    UST Announcement

    congrats on the new protectorates UST
  8. iljohn

    A great crime was commited

    Meh I have seen worse. But its been a little while since we last saw one of these.
  9. iljohn

    Goodbye GPA

    A toast and a wink to those fighting the good fight cheers
  10. iljohn

    The Green Whale Hunt

    Oh TEst you just cant stay out of conflict can you good luck
  11. iljohn

    Whats your IQ?

    Of course you would get that you are the one who came up with all the answers on it
  12. iljohn

    A letter to the Celestial Union

    what not everyone can be fighting on the good side some people just want to fight for the hell of it.
  13. iljohn

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For

    I am though you have to wait for after the war to really get anything done so expect at most a week after the war to see results. ill do like I did last war for the BoC Forums and have it each individual nation in the wars War, Losses, Infa, troops killed, ETC. though this takes time to complete so there must be patience.
  14. iljohn

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For

    I Think the entire forum it self could make for a good drama show don't you think

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