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  1. Your post is very confusing, I'm not sure how to respond. Most people shouldn't ban people for no reason though, so it's probably something you said or did. Maybe check with their leader instead?
  2. So if people disagree with you then the thread is no longer civil?
  3. 3 different options: 1. Nerf planes 2. Nerf planes 3. Nerf planes yeah... 'Planes are currently the only unit type which can attack other unit types giving them an advantage over other unit types. Please review the options in the OP and vote accordingly on how to balance the issue' Please note that this is a leading question (or poll), 'Vote accordingly on how to balance the issue' suggests that because they give an advantage over other units, they have to be balanced. That might be true, but it also might not be. You are also implying that your solutions ar
  4. Can we just agree that Alex needs to fix his game lol
  5. Dark Atom Preamble Church of Atom and Dark Brotherhood enter into this treaty of mutual defense and optional aggression. Article I: Non Aggression Church of Atom and Dark Brotherhood, referred to hereafter the signatories, come together as friends, and shall make no hostile act against one another. It is agreed to handle any issues between them in private. Article II: Intelligence Both signatories agree to share any intelligence they have obtained and that could prove useful or vital to the other. If either signatory alliance collects intelli
  6. This rant is even longer than mine
  7. We could easily have rejected those terms. Ever thought about why we agreed upon the terms when it would just mean more fighting? yeah. We were coming to the point where our upper tiers have dropped so much infra they were in the range of GoG's mid tier (wonder why), but I think Olorin/Yoda had some connections with Seeker. Not so much GotG as HS + t$
  8. Right so, we entered this war as part of some terms, and yes the war is probably almost over, but we really are trying to revamp our approach when it comes to war and stuff. So, just bear with us. This is just one small step for DB, just still a step nonetheless. If you want to be toxic, go ahead, I can't stop you, but know that we're actually trying to do stuff here.
  9. I couldn't agree more. Our god and savior has responded. All hail woomy
  10. In our defense, we were war dodging and stuff when the war started but we're trying to actually do stuff and break that reputation. I agree, we're really late, but if all DB gets is negative comments, it ain't gonna break the cycle. all praise the woomy
  11. you sure bout that? It actually wasn't, they just wanted to be nuked
  12. no problem, glad to be of assistance inklings are my best friend
  13. Yes, we know we are 3 months late to this party. Yes, we know half the alliances have already exited the war. That ain’t gonna stop us from joining this war though. On accords of peace terms with Penitus Oculatus and that other Marvel themed alliance, DB is now joining Global War 14 with the memesphere. Now, I expect some questions. What is DB? Who is this guy? Why are we still reading this post? Well, I’m not gonna answer any of them, so yeah. Tl;dr enjoy my 103 words rant on how we were forced coerced into joining the global war. DB loves splatoon
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