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  1. Poor @Unlimited brutally kicked off after like 35 days.
  2. TL;DR Greetings Orbis, I come with thrilling news regarding a micro you potentially have never heard of before. As you may have noticed TKR have declared war on Hedge Money, this required careful and considerate planning on our part; to decide what was the best course of action The issue is we're too dumb for that. It is therefore with a heavy heart I have to inform you that Goon Squad declares war on whoever is at war with TCW. Riveting stuff I know Signed Village Drunk; Machiavelli Co-Leader; Unlimit
  3. You might as well have posted "upvote if sketchy made you leave" lmao. As you have stated multiple times the rules speak to intent, anyone with an IQ above the low 20's could tell simply from reading that it was a joke which means the intent was humourous, not to coerce a player into leaving. get over yourself
  4. We were here first though, by like 2 years lmao
  5. TL;DR KT hit Goon Squad, Goon Squad recognises hostilities and we absolutely are not salty. Please return to pretending anybody cares about you simply because you aren't in a micro. For the past few months we've been hugging our pixels wondering longingly when war would next befall our beloved Orbis, the unfortunate part of this tale is that in our waiting we had grown too big. Our nations bloated with unneccesary infra with all the fun targets too far out of range; short story, we'd grown too big for piracy. Nobody likes a fat pirate This is where KT come in,
  6. ..... You are aware they deleted their nation right?
  7. Nothing as exciting as fraggle returning has occurred in the forums for like a month lmao
  8. How many Ignis sternum posts in alliance affairs does it take to create a valid cb? Because this is the third time you've baited me in with something that literally concerns nobody outside of your alliance.
  9. Bushrangers have a history of being disgusting in game. We caught them trying to poach a couple of weeks back, they were lucky they weren't slotted. Let us know if this crap continues as we still have CB vs. bushrangers.
  10. Nice to see some maturity from a cam post. Although the issue has never been you Arthur, I've never really seen you be anything other than sound. Some of your gov give the entire aa a bad name.
  11. How many posts !@#$ing about the changes do you have to post before we can consider it valid cb?
  12. This will come as a surprise to nobody who has even briefly interacted with Epi lmao.
  13. Farewell, hope you find a game you enjoy.
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