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  1. ..... You are aware they deleted their nation right?
  2. Nothing as exciting as fraggle returning has occurred in the forums for like a month lmao
  3. How many Ignis sternum posts in alliance affairs does it take to create a valid cb? Because this is the third time you've baited me in with something that literally concerns nobody outside of your alliance.
  4. Bushrangers have a history of being disgusting in game. We caught them trying to poach a couple of weeks back, they were lucky they weren't slotted. Let us know if this crap continues as we still have CB vs. bushrangers.
  5. Nice to see some maturity from a cam post. Although the issue has never been you Arthur, I've never really seen you be anything other than sound. Some of your gov give the entire aa a bad name.
  6. How many posts !@#$ing about the changes do you have to post before we can consider it valid cb?
  7. This will come as a surprise to nobody who has even briefly interacted with Epi lmao.
  8. Farewell, hope you find a game you enjoy.
  9. That seems a little off, I only experienced a very slight change in score (like 60 points) but then again I haven't been that low in a long time. If that's the case perhaps tweaking the war ranges would help but then you'd be in here crying about how it's even further narrowing tiers in wars with another poll. I hate to be the one to inform you of this but; you are aware we are commenting on your post where you requested these changes be rolled back? If the changes are rolled back what would that do to airstrikes? Would it somehow make them different to how they were before? Or would it revert them back to how they were..?
  10. Imagine that; rather than doing the exact same thing you have done for every war you have fought in this game you might for a brief period of time have to apply a little bit of thought into how you fight every now and again. I can understand why you dislike it, thinking things through rather than clicking airstrike every 8 hours must be tiring for you.
  11. Honestly I don't see the issue with any of the changes. Yes they change how you go to war but they do this for everyone, if you have issues changing my how you operate with changes like this god help you w̶h̶e̶n̶ if you ever end up with a job. Because stuff will change there with far less comprehensive explanations, and the worst bit is there's no forums to cry about it to
  12. Jesus imagine sending that many messages without a response, that's some quality sperging.
  13. Can we have receipts? If I've wasted my time reading this the least I deserve is to see who was involved and the incompetence that got him caught.
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