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  1. Machiavelli

    From New Orleans

    You got dropped for your war dodging (mutual defence means just that, according to your treaty you should be in the war), why continue? After the war is done and those who were busy fighting look for war dodgers to raid you'll be without your allies to defend you.
  2. Machiavelli

    Ready for the worst kept secret of 2019

    The real topic here is how anti-fun @SauceMaster is I've not seen a downvote spree like this since ChristianPanzer was being an absolute sperg a few months back.
  3. Machiavelli

    Ready for the worst kept secret of 2019

    how dare you call me out like this
  4. Machiavelli

    A list of all communist/socialist alliances.

    This alone makes you unqualified to write a list of communist alliances
  5. Machiavelli

    Alliance Hostility Web

    How would you determine if an alliance is hostile to another? The treaty web works because treaties are an in-game mechanic alliances themselves do not have an in-game hostility mechanic beyond the war activity of their members
  6. Imagine thinking you have the clout to tell other alliances how to run when you were kicked from yours for being a sperg
  7. Machiavelli

    LAP war against the Underground

    If you're going to post about micro-drama at least try to make it interesting..
  8. Machiavelli

    Guilt by association?

    Given the particulars here, I don't see why he'd lie if he were innocent. As Alex said, he did lie multiple times here. He's not to be trusted. Case Closed
  9. Machiavelli

    Guilt by association?

    That's fricked up, definitely not going to do anything where I give money to PnW until I get a concrete statement regarding this
  10. Machiavelli

    Guilt by association?

    I could tell them not to be stupid, but how many 14 and 18 year olds do you know who aren't stupid as frick? They're gonna do what they're gonna do, I'm lucky I guess that our IP only overlaps at some periods when I go home for holidays.
  11. Machiavelli

    Guilt by association?

    If this is true, I am likely going to have to hold off on any future purchases through PnW. I have two younger brothers who play the same and I would hate to be banned and lose the money I spent because of one of them, they are young and stupid and it's highly unlikely I'd be prewarned before they cheated.
  12. Machiavelli

    Nova Riata Disband

    I don't understand some people's need to take internet stuff into real life. It's super scummy, probably worse than a lot of what NR did
  13. Machiavelli

    Nova Riata Disband

  14. Whilst I understand the need for punishment, you've also gotta accept this would be a time-consuming task. I'm sure this game isn't making Alex a millionaire, and I'm unsure as to how much time he would be able to put in between himself and the mods. Punishment is needed, but this seems like it will punish Alex the most through increased workload.

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