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  1. Oooof goons having comments purged here boys
  2. because if it wasn't for the arbitrary suspensions, would the mod team even do anything?
  3. Holy frick have we really been going this long?
  4. You're slightly missing the point here. Wars are used as a "punishment" for your opponent, if they have an account in game it's safe to assume they enjoy the game so ingame wars alone won't cut it. So people use new tactics like beige cycling or zeroing their opponents and letting the war expire to better inflict damage. Wars are not meant for both sides to have fun, you intend to win going into the war and as such these strategies arise. Unless you change human psychology you're unlikely to change this.
  5. the problem seems to be that wars are getting much longer but I fail to see a solution, you can't tell alliances to dump their resources away and rebalancing war in general so it costs more would be wildly unpopular especially with newer players who wouldn't be able to war as much.
  6. he'd need money in order to do that, which the playerbase would have to provide him with in one way or another.
  7. Some people just don't care enough about the game to put up with the activity required during wars. I know two people irl who left during this war and both cited that they just couldn't be bothered with the constant pings in discord ect and having to visit the game every few hours; as they played it as something they checked at most twice a day. So whilst a drop in the number of active players may at face value appear to be bad for the community it could just be barely active members using the war as an excuse to stop once and for all, which wouldn't actually damage the community all that much infact it could actually benefit the community significantly.
  8. Imagine being this obsessed with epi lmao
  9. I don't understand why anyone would sign treaties with these two in particular, a MDP ain't worth shit if they'll war dodge when the time comes
  10. The fricking madman has only gone and done it
  11. Imagine thinking you're hot shit for couping a micro hardly anyone cares about.
  12. You got dropped for your war dodging (mutual defence means just that, according to your treaty you should be in the war), why continue? After the war is done and those who were busy fighting look for war dodgers to raid you'll be without your allies to defend you.
  13. The real topic here is how anti-fun @SauceMaster is I've not seen a downvote spree like this since ChristianPanzer was being an absolute sperg a few months back.
  14. how dare you call me out like this
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