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  1. Hello! I'm going to keep this thread going for updates on the news station for those interested Thank you, those who have joined and interacted on the server! First, a bullet point: As we are still looking for some experienced and active reporters, I've decided to create a 'salary' for the job. 90% of the money that comes from ads payed by companies or individuals will go to our employees, LNT will reserve the right to retain 10% of ad revenue. Funds going to employees will be split, however those who are not active will not get their cut. Any applications will be much appreciated. A lot of people have joined, and if you want to aswell, simply click the original discord link in the message. It'll be cool seeing you there! Thank you!
  2. We also have downvotes on the server : P
  3. Little News Tower Hello! With the war still currently raging on, I've decided to create a news server for P&W. This server will provide you with all your forum news, and potentially other more obscure news, if we get our hands on it. Why should you choose us against other news agencies? Currently we are probably the smallest news server, and we'd value activity and more readers, really appreciated if you join. We have the smallest amount of channels, so you don't need to move through a ton of channels just to get what you want. We let you choose your news! Want only main news, and no micro news? You can do that here! And possibly much more, with your help! Objectives for the future: Making interviews with some of the communities most influential members. Creating unique shows. (If anyone is interested) Being a fast and highly regarded news server Thank you for reading! https://discord.gg/aQsWESc Small Notice: If you are an experienced reporter or just someone interested, we'd really appreciate your help in creating a great news server. I also recommend on arrival to the server that you look at #info before doing anything else. If you aren't interested in the news part, It'd be real cool if you just came on for a chat! If you have any leaks, news or anything like that, we will happily receive it and cover it. sorry micchan this is on discord
  4. This is such a terrible way of trying to justify this kafkaesque negotiation. We've obviously seen in Partisan's post, the logs particularly, about his efforts to try and begin these talks, his attempts being either evaded or trolled. As Partisan has repeatedly told you, how does it make it worse, if the talks aren't moving because of this ever-changing maze of demands? I'm not sure how you've come about this conclusion....
  5. I think you missed that it was an example, I mean, perhaps even you could use that to shift alliance members onto other resources. But again, as I described in my post, it's supposed to be a flexible way for alliances to micromanage individual resources as they want. Interesting question, but I think you are right in saying that if most people had an option to switch from 100% to 0% or something lower, they would and they do now too, by switching alliances. Although we might be at war with NPO I commend them for having a cool community to handle an 100/100 economy.
  6. taxes, Taxes, TAXES, TAXES Hello! Nice seeing you looking at this. Going away from all the huge game changer suggestions I've been seeing the past few weeks, this suggestion is more of a minor edit that can help (or not) those who wish to use it. It's very simple and I'm not sure anyone has suggested it before, but here's my pitch: -> Split up the resource tax rate instead of having it put collectively This idea is based on the fact, that perhaps someone can utilise it to micromanage a specific resource, or customise an alliance economy further. To all those who don't understand, basically, when creating an tax bracket you'll have the option of selecting an individual resource, instead of all of it collectively. So for example: You make the general resource tax 0% but create another individual rate for coal being 100%, this would tax only coal and nothing else. I'm not sure how it would be formatted within the game to keep it as easy and simple to use as can be, but I'm sure if this is ever implemented (Or not) someone will figure something out. Really this is just a simple suggestion of an edit, that maybe someone can use. Thank you! Nice seeing more tax suggestions
  7. I hope that NAP extends to your protectorates*
  8. I was stating more as in you would hit them if they grew powerful, and more ambitious. I think I have somewhat large expectations when I think about GOONS.
  9. Voted for HS, because of what's happening, but my best guess for the future is: - When GOONS break off, befriend a powerful alliance (Not BK) or grow powerful themselves All the others have stuck to the NPOsphere for a rather longtime. Doubt GPWC is going to break off anytime soon. Basically, if GOONS have any ambition they will eventually face NPO. bk hahahahha, not anymore
  10. Inactives/Leavers - Stuntmen who died on set People in Vacation-mode - Stuntmen who didn't come to set
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