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  1. I hope that NAP extends to your protectorates*
  2. I was stating more as in you would hit them if they grew powerful, and more ambitious. I think I have somewhat large expectations when I think about GOONS.
  3. Voted for HS, because of what's happening, but my best guess for the future is: - When GOONS break off, befriend a powerful alliance (Not BK) or grow powerful themselves All the others have stuck to the NPOsphere for a rather longtime. Doubt GPWC is going to break off anytime soon. Basically, if GOONS have any ambition they will eventually face NPO. bk hahahahha, not anymore
  4. Inactives/Leavers - Stuntmen who died on set People in Vacation-mode - Stuntmen who didn't come to set
  5. LOOKING DEEP: TKR Welcome! To "Looking Deep"! "Looking Deep" is an sort of experiment I thought about a second ago, and one that I thought would be fun to try out. The premise of this, is a sort of thread for the members and ex members of the specified alliance to tell their story in it, and I thought the best way to start this off, is by selecting one of the most active communities in the game, TKR! Just a bit of backstory, if you are a newer player such as myself. I'm going to start at the "Trial of Tiers" because that's were I started off, and I don't want to fumble around, I'll leave that to those who reply to this thread 😆 Community From the time I began this game, to now, I always look at the community (Salty as it may be at times) to be the best part of this game, some people may agree or not, but that is my solid belief. Being that the community is such an important part, the first time I had seen TKR, it had seemed they had very much enshrined that belief into their alliance to make it a whole new community in itself, basically a family of sorts, if you will. I wouldn't shy away from saying that The Knights Radiant is one of, the most friendly, welcoming and active alliances out there, they also have a very important skill, that a lot of alliances ignore, welcoming newer players, making them feel at home, liked, etc. Welcoming newer players is such an important skill, I'm going to go on a bit of a rant because of how much it is. A lot of alliance forget about newer players, and have the mindset of "Hand them a guide and order them around" , a lot of newer players may shy away from conversation with older players, to not look silly in front of people that are more experienced, but alliances that deal with this, truly benefit the game, nurturing a newer player, and inviting them into conversation, playing games with them, or whatever is an absolutely crucial part of keeping this game alive, and most importantly having fun, especially with those new friends you have made. It might be a silly thing to say, but a loneliness of a player, a person whose joined for the game, but left because he has been shut out, is hard to see. A lot older players tend to see newer players as a obstacle in front of their "Next city" or "Progress" but those players have no idea what those new players mean to the game as a whole. They are the next generation, per se, and they should be supported. Hats off to most alliances, and very well done to those who help introduce newer players to their community and the P&W community as a whole. Anyway, that paragraph is meant to underline the importance of it, and in my opinion TKR is absolutely great at it, all the people are friendly, you can randomly chat to someone and they'll kindly do the same back to you, it is a very warm atmosphere, a sense of importance. Which, is very much so, the greatest trait in this game that an alliance could have. History TKR, is based off of a book by Brandon Sanderson, named "The Stormlight Archive", I can't say much about the beginning so as I've previously stated, I will move onto more familiar territory. Before Knightfall, TKR was an absolute powerhouse, perhaps not necessarily in military might, which was certainly a big stick they held, but in influence. TKR absolutely dominated world affairs, and that is not overestimating the history of it, TKR had been known as "The world police" for it's past actions, dealing with the Hogwarts-Sparta war, chasing down Partisan, etc, whatever was going on in the world, one way or another, they were certainly involved be it big or small. A lot of that can be seen to have started from Trial of Tiers, because of how much of an impact it had on very influential alliances, Mensa disbanding, t$ losing influence, certainly the rise of TKR as a truly alliance shifting power cannot have started if it had not become the dominant leader of Easy mode and certainly the loss of two Behemoths helped make that a reality, but the end of that era swiftly came around with Knightfall, beating TKR harder and giving them a loss that I would think would be hard to forget, the Chaos sphere, proved to be the evidence that TKR needed new allies, and also that it had lost the near Hegemonic power that it once held. It also hit TKR from 1st in the alliance leaderboards, doesn't seem important but new players sometimes choose the strongest alliance, learning from the best. Conclusion Now that you have either been thoroughly bored to death, or has even chosen to skip the whole segment above, for how possibly face palming my knowledge of it is. Please at least stay for this, if you are a member, leader, ex member of TKR then it would be great for you to share that story on this thread, your experience in the alliance, and for older players, possibly sharing interesting segments of your history. If this gets any if at all, positive review, I'll try to do another alliance of which I am interested in. Thank you! And If you do take a little bit of your time off, I appreciate it very much. this was not based on discord or slack because of micchan's absolute distaste for them if you go blind by reading this i bare no responsibility
  6. Genie: You have three wishes Ripper:
  7. And before he adds a black market for narcotics instead of water
  8. I think at this point, it's like a wall trying to hold against a flood, and in the end that wall is gonna collapse.
  9. I mean, doesn't that basically mean that they aren't exactly a hegemony, but a competitor...?
  10. Sounds a bit like their plan was to declare war, expect them to declare war, whine because they actually did declare war.
  11. Not sure, which is more threatening, upper tier consolidation or mid tier consolidation?
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