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  1. Everyone with more cities than me deserves to be rolled
  2. I'll be honest, from your description of Guardian's policy, it sounds worse than what t$ has, I am not sure if the exact policies are opsec or not, so I'll refrain from discussing it further. But you can't just dismiss this as an economic problem and one that demands an economic solution when you yourself acknowledge that Grumpy's FA approach is built to reflect their economic strategy. If their economic strategy is built on encouraging a foreign affairs meta that unfairly benefits Grumpy, then the responsible response is a foreign affairs response that shifts the meta in a way that is not beneficial to Grumpy. Fundamentally, I think us warring them is a good response. I am not party to any negotiations going on, but I hope reparations as a clause are brought back. They seem to be an obvious way to shift the FA meta in a way that is detrimental to an alliance whose appeal is partially built upon zero taxes.
  3. Disclaimer: not gov, never was gov. I like reading these posts just to understand the drama. I am responding to this one because I am genuinely confused at the central argument being given. In the case of Grumpy, isn't their "more efficient taxation" literally zero taxes. From what I see, the only way they as an alliance generate any revenue is the 20m entrance fee and any war reparations (which I understand is a big no-no in the current meta, so just the entrance fee). It would be pretty difficult for any other alliance to be more efficient than zero taxes. Frankly I get the idea that Grumpy's economic policy is actually their foreign affairs policy, where they advocate for shorter, more frequent wars, wherein they take very little damage and continue to generate revenue while other alliances get reduced to rubble, both allies and enemies. And this unchecked growth is the reason we are targeting them in this war, the reason we have targeted them in the past and most likely will have to target them again in the future. Inherently this war is a part of us trying to improve our economic policy in relation to Grumpy (and Guardian too I guess, but you guys seem to be avoiding the drama) by leveling some of their growth and trying to shake their image as untouchable. Now back to the purpose of my making this post. What is the argument you are trying to make? Should we be putting all of our big players at 0 taxes, should we be inciting conflict between our opponents in order to allow us to war profiteer, should we put a Reagan mask on Justin and adopt trickle-up economics? Or do we keep throwing our nations at GG until the game shuts down in 10 years.
  4. El Presidente Charles Bolivar of Gran Columbia detonated a nuclear weapon upon your nation of Corentyne. The attack destroyed 948.00 infrastructure in the city of Venesia as well as a recycling center and a police station. You're a man of your word at least.
  5. There's like a whole dozen of us. Syndi left wing contingent stronk Pablo doesn't count
  6. I've always hated the elderly and their accomplices
  7. Enjoy your retirement weeb Shiho, best of luck to Gray and the others who got promoted.
  8. Take care Ava, it was a pleasure to have known you these last few years and I wish you nothing but the best.
  9. Literally 3 guys from the same alliance (Rose) but a different sphere on me within 15 minutes of my first declaration. Whoever told you a few hours is lying
  10. Congratulations to your 4 years!!
  11. The real tragedy for us in Syndi will be having to deal with Adam's ego after all these IA compliments.
  12. A game limit and income nerf is a good idea. 5 second between just seems to be annoying though. Overall, I think it's a good change.
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