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  1. Zary

    Creed's Chance (UH Peace and Withdrawal)

    So you didn't press for it because...?
  2. To Nova Riata and Statesmen, big up for not just bending over and letting them have it. Gotta give some serious credit for that. But intentionally being demilitarized and unprepared? That's just dumb. I understand not wanting to make yourself out to be a threat, but with open targets amongst the combatants running low in a +2-1 war, you had to imagine the war boners were pointing in your direction.
  3. Zary

    Element appreciation thread

    Nah, no issues here my dude. Though on your end... are you familiar with the old phrase "walk the talk"? How are you on here talking about posting toxic garbage means you're toxic garbage, all the while posting toxic garbage? Did you not remember what you said or do you just not care?
  4. Zary

    Element appreciation thread

    Umm... so you're a scared piece of [insert naughty language] ass toxic trash? Or do you just pound the keyboard with a hammer until something legible comes out?

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