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  1. It truely is a muppet eat muppet world
  2. at this point why doesnt alex just make the ads run automatically and give us 2 mil more a day
  3. @Sri Lanka 001 Sri did you poach both alliances to space invaders cause im about to be angry
  4. Missiles/Nukes need a buff like the previously discussed idea of iron dome/VDS removing a percentage of the total damage instead of removing the damage entirely but with a chance. Or just make them better cause I want to see missiles and nukes have a real reason to be bought and stockpiled. cheers
  5. (credit borg cause he helpful and figured out how to do this dont ask tho)
  6. Thank god the hostilities are finally kicking off, shame i left to raid a day early it makes me look really sus.... anyways can someone from hedge please slot me i dont wanna be left out from my brothers in brofam Cheers! PS: the real sekrit treaty is imbetween oblivion and hedge, have you ever noticed how they just countered for each other and that they have a treaty ingame? Odd isnt it 😶
  7. they're attacking for funsies well deserved funsies
  8. I will sell you 3000 steel for 3500 price per unit. send me a trade offer The Sectors of LAZX (politicsandwar.com) ❤️
  9. Please do top 382, this one doesnt include offshores or one man micros and that effects the ratings alot
  10. at least they're no longer tripping like when i was there, maybe it was the rebel with the c4. quite a riddle(r) ill head back to base now after dropping all that tea(Five) all of the high govs in the worst puns i have ever made
  11. This whole idea is based haha get it cause basebond
  12. 1, thank for playing gaem it's been fun playing with you 2, [email protected]#$ you 3, but rlly thanks for the good times 4, except that time you made a discord vc comp at 3 am cya nokia
  13. i got got and couldnt get any targets also gg on 800 mil net
  14. i see this pop up in my news channel and immediately know who it is and what they're going to say. but because it's christmas im going to be nice and just say merry christmas and for the love of god and all others, shtap
  15. Poor hitler being compared to pixel huggers
  16. imma say the only thing that is to be said: kek
  17. GG bois didnt think quack would win and kill everyone but here we are. Have a good rebuild, Cheers
  18. did my mans just leave the war before a, swamps actually split and b, before anyone has declared peace????
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