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  1. TeST Occupying TFP? HA! That's really cute... I'll propose to TFP leadership that we abide by these silly rules they are putting on us so they actually have a fighting chance against us. *TFP reaction to TEST occupation*
  2. To the people of United Hoods: Fight well my bruddas! Cosby Bless
  3. My boy Quichwe is a guest speaker? Guess TFP has made it big after all!
  4. If you really think about it, it was not that difficult of a decision. There was this period of high hopes for this new venture when they were still OP... we thought we could mutually benefit from this arrangement, signed the ODP, end of story. Come a few weeks later, we get news that the whole alliance has come crashing down and rebrands into LA Mafia (Pasta loving Italians): Gov is completely different, and there was not a single sinew holding us together. FA (Victorystar) tried to communicate with our 'friends' at Spaghetti and Meatballs (sorry, La Mafia) to no avail. However, we wish them luck in their future endeavors wherever the 'Family Business' may lead.
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