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  1. The alliances ranked “B” have either yet to prove themselves, are on the rebound, or don’t play the ‘meta’ game. They all have potential to be good or great. There are a lot of solid people in some of the lower ranked alliances as well, but historically they have come up short.
  2. CotL is not NP. North Point essentially folded into CotL. That’s like saying Rose is Ming Empire since Ming folded into Rose.
  3. Here, have a snickers. You get a little cranky when you’re hungry. Solid suggestion Roberts.
  4. Your odd offhand baseless comments about CotL has given us and other spheres material to bond over. Watching you post is similar to watching YouTube videos of crazy people doing odd things that make them look silly. You are a conversation piece. On one hand, thank you for the content. On the other hand, you should probably reflect more on the things you post before you hit ‘submit reply’ (for your own benefit)
  5. I mean, on one hand he’s doing what we’ve been asking for a while. (Using the community, IE: Pre) Unfortunately, I feel like these poorly fleshed out ideas are getting rushed through. They would benefit through having an open conversation for members to poke holes in and then deciding if it’s worth implementing.
  6. Pretty silly indeed. You both have bright futures. I would say that the community has changed as a whole. You don’t see alliance leaders that were as toxic as the IQ bunch. I would keep giving these forums a chance. Granted, You have your edgelords (which is bound to happen when teenagers are here on Orbis among us.) The good thing is is that they are easy enough to identify and ignore. Looking forward to seeing VT and GATO graduating from prot status soon 🙂
  7. I’m a bit confused why a protectorate is signing treaties 😕 Isn’t the point of a protectorate to learn the game and be protected by their protector until they can be on their own (IE: be sovereign)? After protectorate-hood, sign away. In the meantime....why? Best of luck regardless. Nice folks in both alliances.
  8. TI Spartan Republic t$ TKR Fark Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo The Coal Mines BK The Lost Empire Camelot The Imperium Morningstar Nova Corp TFP Pantheon OWR Yarr Ordo Draconis Polaris CotL & Acadia
  9. You were a wonderful leader to work with, Adrienne. Glad we got to scheme together. Now we can enjoy drinks on the retirement beach. 🍻 Congrats Benfro!
  10. Congrats to our two former allies and good friends
  11. Once-ler

    The Scoop

    Tonight at 9:15pm EST, Factory Fresh Media presents a brand new show: The Scoop - Brought to you by Kev and Istandor. Our first guest will be Hodor, who will be going over changes to the game and recent Orbis news. Factory Fresh Media Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Z8BtSX
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