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  1. While I've never attempted to adjust my role upward in an alliance; I know it looked like I had access to changing the roles all the way up to leader when I was in an Officer role. Although alliance heirs are usually how most coups happen, so you might be right. However if an alliance leader can set the bank access to Leader only; game mechanics still seem flawed when an alliance heir can access it anyways just by changing their role upward.
  2. I think the game mechanics are flawed when a lower level Gov member can change their role to leader, loot the bank & disband an alliance. If alliance leaders could adjust at what Gov level members have access to changing everybody's roles or gov can't adjust any roles higher than the one they're at; there would be less instances of stuff like this happening.
  3. Needing to undo mistrades with just the alliance's they were fighting is hardly comparable to needing to stop using it altogether. So you guys still got what you wanted; however for them I think that difference was probably a big deal. Your posts in the peace thread made it sound like the terms were a take it or leave it kind of thing; so maybe there was some miscommunication there.
  4. A weaker alliance would have just accepted the terms as is probably; although terms tend to change if an alliance holds out for a better deal. So even if the terms didn't change much; I think they changed enough TKR was able to find the compromise acceptable. So I don't view the long war to be reflective of much, other than TKR wanted to hold out for a better deal & were finally able to get a compromise they found acceptable. All the alliances who were urging TKR to just accept the terms as is probably would and will fold much faster to whatever terms are given in future wars; while there are other alliances where the war will last really long if the initial terms they consider unacceptable without any flexibility without a long war first. Being more compromising on terms given sooner would be one solution if people want shorter wars; although I don't think alliances having the ability to hold out for a long time if given terms they find unreasonable is a bad thing at all. There was an issue with the Arrgh terms on whether it would effect their ability to protect their Protectorates, which was a reasonable concern. Also needing to agree to stop all future use of their bot I personally would have found unacceptable in their shoes when so many alliances use bots; however they got a compromise on that. So while the winners can dictate what terms they offer; I don't view TKR holding out as long as they did foolish or letting ego get in the way. If you're willing to fight longer, eventually you'll get better terms than the initial ones given. If an alliance is quick to just accept whatever is offered; then they tend to end up with terms they regret later. So I think TKR probably made the best choice given the circumstances, both in holding out as long as they did & eventually agreeing to the terms which were modified a bit to fix some concerns they had with them.
  5. Any members who prove themselves by fighting at least 5 wars on behalf of the alliance when asked can have their taxes reduced to 0% upon request.
  6. Originally the terms said they had to make Kosonome stop using his bot; now it just says to fix any mistrades with the coalition. So for the Coalition fighting them the terms are just as good; although at least TKR can still use their bot. Whether the terms would have been adjusted had they not fought as long, I doubt it. Also Arrgh withdrew their terms as well, so that also changed.
  7. The final terms didn't force TKR to stop using their bot, just undo mistrades with the coalition they were fighting. So the terms did get better for them at least.
  8. Depends which alliances are getting rolled I suppose.
  9. I thought that money you gave me from the Empyrea Bank was a gift; now you seem mad. Although most of your cities only had half the possible improvements built in them, should work on figuring out how to war and nation build rather than make pointless petitions. 😂 11) 01/29/2019 06:01 pm Empyrea Bank Ethereum Hammonasset $2,686,718.00 2,671.00 117.00 19.00 429.00 27.00 119.00 0.00 1,277.00 670.00 1,293.00 1,355.00
  10. Except I already destroyed your navy completely before anyone else hit you, so they destroyed 0 of your ships.
  11. Mainly you got wrecked on your little raid you launched on me when I had no fuel or military still from my skirmish with the Foundation.😛 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=394672
  12. We're pretty close to top 50 at least; so I'd bet you we reach that benchmark.😛
  13. Wolf Brigade If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds. We are open to friendly relations with other alliances; both paperless allies & those who sign treaties. Discord: https://discord.gg/6JdPdEg In-Game Link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5026 Signed, Noctis, True King
  14. Why do you care is the better question? You've made more thread about me than I have about anything I've done. (Most of what I do in-game I don't even mention on the forum) Mostly my posts are in response to another derailment involving me. So just seems crazy to expect the mods to ban someone for you & talk down to them when they don't remove who you want from the game. What is your real angle here? Don't even post that much unless I'm trying to clarify or find out more about misinformation or accussations somebody makes toward me. All that discussion leading to the Hippo being the downvoter was the result of you making thread in wrong forum area to talk about & bring attention to it. Game would be worse off with mods who ban people for trivial reasons like what you're asking for.
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