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  1. Noctis

    Petition to ban Noctis from Posting

    Pestilence actually asked me to sign this petition. Can never fully tell if he's joking or being serious with these threads.
  2. Noctis

    Laugh reacts on forums

    I see no reason you'd claim to be a male with a female avatar on your forum profile; then deny it on the very same forum you claim to be male. Has nothing to do with your name.
  3. Noctis

    Laugh reacts on forums

    No, you spelled it out in your forum profile. So not so secret if you meant it to be one. x)
  4. Noctis

    Laugh reacts on forums

    Funny accusation from a guy who uses a female avatar. (Although you know nothing about me, lol)
  5. Noctis

    Leaderboard Suggestion

    If there is a leaderboard for most upvotes; I don't see why not have one for most downvotes as well. Should be easy enough to add & would make this mass upvoting/downvoting game people do on forums a little more interesting if there was one for the lead in both directions.
  6. Noctis

    I'll see your doubletreaties, and raise you MDPs 6fold

    Unable to Propose Treaty You cannot propose a new treaty because an existing treaty already exists. You can only have one treaty at a time with the same alliance. Please cancel the existing treaty before proposing a new one. Not possible to create multiple treaties with same alliance anymore as far I know, need to cancel one if you want to replace it with another. (Although probably doesn't effect treaties already signed before he did the change)
  7. Noctis

    Mechanics Proposal Discussion

    People don’t like getting spammed with to many emails, so that is one thing wrong with it at least.
  8. I think your original idea with each ship being worth at least 2 & half the cost would be good idea. Although would be kind of pointless if they just count for one to use project slot unless someone has extras
  9. I think this might rebalance it a bit so people can have both a navy and airforce; without it putting them in range of people who can easily wipe their airforce due to more cities & then their navy. So I see some benefit there. Navy seems restricted by population more than how many Navy Improvements you have for me at least; even if I don't have any in some cities & cut back how many in others. So for high city nations who have low infra; they can't have a really inflated navy size without a big enough population to support it. So would add some interesting changes there.
  10. I think it would have an impact on the military system, so I don't think it should be to expensive if a project is the way you go about making Naval Ships useful for air defense. Although generally I think I'd be in favor; as long as its not to expensive for most players to get. I don't think it should be much more expensive than the Propaganda Bureau; if even more expensive than that. Since it shouldn't be to hard to get when it changes how units work like that.
  11. Noctis

    Lordaeron Announcement

    I'm actually pretty close to getting that pip & don't mind the downvotes (Always found the upvote/downvote feature pointless); although still curious why sketchy thought that or if sketchy himself was intentionally lying. If Buorhann wants to make me forget about it by saying what really happened. Although really I don't care about the Hippo, never have. Although his obsession with upvotes is funny; even though I find it hard to trust what he says. Although I'm just having some fun with it at this point; as I doubt I'll ever get a straight answer on whether he was spreading false lies about me or Sketchy just makes up pointless lies as his way of joking around. So I don't have a vendetta against him, although I have no reason to see him as a friend or trust him with what he has done while lying about it. If he wants to leave the blame on Sketchy for making up those really stupid lies about me caring about where he lives; he can let Sketchy take the blame for coming up with that & I don't care. Although Sketchy is probably worse than him anyways if it really was just Sketchy making up lies like that on his own.
  12. Noctis

    69 hour notice.

    Probably something to do with downvotes if there is meaning behind this, lol
  13. Noctis

    69 hour notice.

    Guess if they really have 4 different treaties, maybe. Although still without knowing which seems pointless. If they’re all the same, hardly matters. Although guess they could have a bloc treaty separate from their in-game one. Then others posted in text somewhere, but it doesn’t matter if it’s not an actual agreement being canceled & just a number reduced by one.

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