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  1. Jacobite restorationists (OWR), northern secessionists (HS) and Carthaginian revanchists (Cart). Good luck overthrowing the old order and introducing a new one 🙂 Have fun friends
  2. A well de$erved break after $ome excellent work for the alliance. Enjoy your time off Leo, it wa$ great to work with you! And be$t of luck Adam - good to $ee $uch a talented friend in this po$ition!
  3. Het beste vrienden van TEST. Perhaps our paths will cross again - I hope they do.
  4. Congrats on peace guys. Too long in the making indeed.
  5. Congrats with peace (and what Partisan said)
  6. "And as well we attracked people to the game regardless of interpretation." Farmers who: - weren't talking to anyone outside of GPWC/NPO - didn't build anything but resource improvements - didn't war - didn't trade - logged for 1 min every so often to feed your alliance with login money and taxes Yes, great addition to the game.
  7. I thought you knew this rule against farming (getting ingame materials) in exchange for real world stuff: Real-World Transactions for In-Game Materials Politics & War has a limited donation system to prevent the game from being "pay-to-win." In addition to limits on Credit usage, it is against the rules for players to make exchanges of real-life money or goods for in-game materials, including but not limited to: in-game money, and in-game resources. Examples of this type of behavior would include: sending someone real-life money for in-game money or in-game resources, purchasing someone a Steam game for in-game money or in-game resources, sending someone a gift-card for in-game money or in-game resources, and any other sort of real-world trade for in-game goods. The punishment for real-world transactions for in-game materials will be a complete nation reset upon first offense, and a permanent ban from Politics & War upon a second offense. Just fyi: A gift card or a steam game are just examples.
  8. Tarroc, instead of complaining on the Forums, deal with the fact that breaking the rules, making $100-150 billion by using 1000 farms isn't ok.
  9. Ok, this is interesting: 1) I don't condone of what has happened: Good, I think we can agree something bad has happened than. 2) Alex, by his complete lack of action and "my stomach feeling"-statement is the only one to blame in this. He could've said "No bueno, stop this immediately." So you think Alex should have acted sooner and should have said: "No good, stop this immediately." Sure, I would have liked GPWC shut down mid September. I guess he had 3) This is bullshit. I think you meant to say: Alex should have done this sooner (see "1" and "2").
  10. So you're rewriting the rules as follows: giving people irl money for ingame money: against the rules. giving people comics for ingame money: ok with the rules. Is for you anything other than irl money allowed? Farming in exchange for steam games for instance? Or farming in exchange for an online subscription of the Economist?
  11. Compliments, that's very original: it's appropriate to cheat, as long as enough money stays in the protectorate. Hilarious.
  12. Do you care at all about the rules of the game? Is your excuse "free Manga doesn't count as a commercial good"? Or do you prefer another excuse?
  13. Is this all effective immediately? And what does "no longer diplomatically recognizes alliances" even mean for you? @Do Not Fear Jaz
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