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  1. what is property?

    Bloody Horsemen

    someone has some sense. good for you man
  2. what is property?

    For Honor!

  3. what is property?

    Happy Birthday to Grumpy!

  4. what is property?

    DoW-Reverse Card!

  5. what is property?

    Distress Call Received

    So are you starting Knight Castle Times as well? Or are you just one of those shameless persons
  6. what is property?

    Weather forecast

    Such gatekeeping from a guy who acts all nice when he joins us. Id be disappointed if i cared
  7. what is property?

    Weather forecast

    The wind had been picking up speed all morning. The sails are thirsty. - Strange clouds today. Think it's gonna rain? The old commodore's voice sounded almost cheerful. His sunburned face had a jolly look about it. - I think we're gonna have more than rain today. The sea is getting restless. No sooner had he finished his words and a call came down from the crow's nest. - Wood in the water! I see smoke on the horizon. - A battle... The murmur of the ship went silent. What was first a small dot in the distance was growing, revealing itself as the waves grew in size and speed. Violent weather for violent men. A good omen from the Pirate Gods. Soon the muffled sound of distant cannon fire found us. It was... music. - Smoke all over the line sir. This looks like a big one. - And it's about to get bigger. - tl;dr Arrgh! partakes
  8. what is property?

    My last request after deleted my nation

  9. what is property?

    The cure for everything is saltwater

    Calm seas. The pirates dread calm seas. Waves! Thunder! The rattling of swords! The sweet sound of musket fire or the boom of a cannon... much better things than the stillness of the sea. - Hey Bb. - Yeah? - What day is it today? He measures the sky with an impassive look: - It's thursday. - But how can you tell? - Well, at least it feels like thursday. He pauses. - Have you checked the compass today? - Boyce stole that again. - I guess it can't be helped. The monotonous creak of the ship is a sound none of us even hear anymore. The ship, the small waves breaking into the hull.. it's all the same as silence. - How are the men holding up? - The Croat tried to drink out of a gunpowder keg last night. - Did he think it was rum? - Frankly, I'm not even sure at this point. - How about you? - Finishing up on our new flag. - Looking good. Maybe you should draw us up some new victims as well. I couldn't help a sinister smirk. - Do you mean like a.. cartoon? - tl;dr we got a new flag and also feel like reminding you We reserve the right to not attack people we don't feel like attacking. We reserve the right to listen, gossip and idly speculate about you. We reserve the right to stash, embezzle and launder dosh. We reserve the right to participate in organized violence upon request (may involve article 3) Arrgh!
  10. what is property?

    Surf's Up

    the soup is glowingšŸµ
  11. what is property?

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    permission denied
  12. what is property?

    totally not april fools...

    ok, ok i completely disagree
  13. what is property?

    Viva La Revolucion!

    *posts kickass fanmade softporn pictures* here is your revolucion
  14. what is property?

    DoE - the 4th Golden Phoenix Coalition

    ive had spring rolls last night mmm spring rolls
  15. what is property?

    Alliances that don't raid

    yea well join arrgh and face your fears. we will make a real boy out of you

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